Friday, August 31, 2007


SHE'S MY FIRST ZETTI ...and she was a challenge for me...This is one thing that i love about sharing art-getting a direction/theme from little assignments...stepping outside my normal box...(heck as i told kelly i had to add a whole new wing to my box)...i worked on her and reworked her then after starting for the fourth time i just LET HER HAPPEN...and i was happy with her! I finished all forty-eight itty bittys...for all four swaps...for some i think it would have been easier to do a larger piece of art!

I took a road trip yesterday to Ben Franklin's and found some wonderful supplies for all the halloween swaps i'm in! the ideas just flooded my mind! i got out to the car and just sat there for a moment...then pulled out my journal and jotted and sketched my new ideas that i came up with (gotta write EVERYTHING down these days!!! )


Thursday, August 30, 2007

itty bitty experiment

My life of late has become ITTY BITTY! I've just finished creating 48 itty bittys for the itty bitty swaps...and i thought i would put some of them together in a group and then turn the whole group into a grey scale to see how well they blended when given a similar color....i put so much feeling into each individual 3 x 3 that i think they work either way as i see threads of love thru each one!

the sun is rain in sight...76 degrees...and the big flea market is SUNDAY!!!
Maddysen is a first grader....Xander is a Kindergartener....Maxx pulled himself up next to the coffee table and each "look" of accomplishment was pure gold....SCARY AS ALL HECK FOR THIS NONNIE BUT PURE GOLD....



Wednesday, August 29, 2007

feelin WITCHY!

with all the fall/halloween swaps filling the cyberair...felt the need for a new banner...had to add the googley eyes...(thinkin of you sweet peggy!!!)

have a wonderful spooky day!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007


HAPPY TUESDAY! My camping trip ended a bit early and i came home early last nite....found my sleeping bag/pillow wet from an abrupt storm yesterday so we came home a bit early...david and danielle (daughter 3) decided to stay out there and pack up the tents...this morning...a couple people asked where i got the blank canvas art thingy... you can get your own at:
the two babies go for orientation tomorrow for kindergarten (xander) and first grade (maddysen)! i worked on some wonderful art while we were camping! i haven't had the chance to photo it but that is on the schedule for later today!
I am finishing up my fabric beads for a swap and have joined in on a couple more...for fall...esp. halloween!

have a delightful day!


Thursday, August 23, 2007


i added a pic below that robbie shot as a video with my digital camera. the camera also gives a frame by frame picture (great for scrapbooking tiny embellishments!) i posted the picture at the bottom of the blog...just look how fast this storm came up and how quick the sky changed! the pics were taken over a 1 minute time frame!!!

come play!!!

to the right you will see a white blank square..scroll over it and keep clicking! jackson pollack watch out!!! beware it's addictive!!!

still raining here in wisconsin! we had huge storms again last nite...70 mph winds...knocking trees right over...BIG TREES...we are over 8" of rain for the month that usually sees 2! the outdoor air smells like a damp basement...NOT PRETTY!

Today is our 27th wedding anniversary! we went out for dinner last nite because david has to work today...and they said it wouldn't actually had people betting how long...many bet 5 months...heehee....we actually met at a bar and i was with my little brother and my sister...(my brother and i had just moved back with my mom from texas) and my drawl was thicker than peasoup...) and we went to this bar that had all these old guys in...(i mean i was 20 so many people were OLD at that and they kept asking my sister and i to dance with them...and david came in later and sat at the other end...he worked his way down to our end and i had had a "few" drinks by then and this old old old guy asked me to dance and i looked over at david (now i am usually the quiet one) ((no REALLY!!)) AND SAID, "YOU KNOW YOU COULD HAVE ASKED ME TO DANCE TOO!!!" i yelled at him...and the rest is history! that was sept 7th, 1979...we got married August 23,1980!


Friday, August 17, 2007


Just signed up for the swaps over at Paper dress garland! and Halloween Hats! So much fun!!!

Also got in on the 12 days of Christmas swap at
12 little handmade gifts to open just before Christmas! I'm sooo excited! Kind of like getting ready for school to start again! This year (except for maddysen and xander) i have none of my kids heading off to school! kind of sad, they grew sooo quick....

and maureen over at is ready to list some of her FABULOUS new patterns! Oh i'm sooo addicted to them! She has a set of school dollies listed right now on ebay...

I can feel the crisp fall in the air!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

worked on some art today...

completed three spreads in three altered books today...woo hooo! moving right along! thinking about going to a couple rummages that sound INTERESTING tommorrow morning..and then heading down to visit at my old job...will let you know how THAT goes...will be nice to go and leave right away! I'm taking the kids along since shannon has to work a 12 hour day that means i have some buddies for the day! I have a couple projects for maddy and i to do while maxx naps...she layed out her ART shirt before she left today so i'm thinking she KNOWS the projects involve paint! lol...

...have a wonderful day!


Saturday, August 11, 2007

thank you sweet caryl!

for nominating me for a NICE BLOG AWARD! Such a HUGE HONOR! So now i need to nominate five people to receive this award! Thus i nominate:






happy happy weekend to you all!!!


Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Emailed me one day to say he had started painting...and i'm thinking hey where is THIS coming from??? I'm the does an AMAZING JOB!!!! I have posted a couple of his pictures down below that he has created! the one with the sea captain saluting is a very touching portrait...the gentleman in the picture owned the boat in question featured in the picture and he had to sell the brother painted a picture of it for him and presented it to him as a gift so he would always have it near! now this is the SAME brother that got me in trouble as a kid...i got the blame...for stuff I KNOW I DIDN'T DO! HEE HEE...



i also put in a pic of him too! and as much as he is a painter his lovely wife, lara, is a gardener!


Angie nominated me for a rockin girl blogger!!! SOOO HONORED! There are sooo many people i'd like to nominate! I'm supposed to nominate 5 other ROCKIN girl bloggers now....
i nominate:


all you rockin blog girls ROCK!!!


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

hello all!

been away for a bit working on some art! and rummaging! wheeee! found a bushel of wonderfully magnificient items this last weekend including this sweet little pink cup and saucer! I was skimming thru pictures and found this one of maddysen swimming at the mall of america and started thinking...hmmmm (bet you could all smell the brain cells burning on this one! lol) and came up with the maddy swimming in my new cup! should have seen maddy's expression when i questioned her about taking a dip in it! oh the innocence! then she goes..."nonnie my hair is still long in that picture!" just can't fool the kids... hee hee...

i got a call from sweet becky tesch of... she is a wonderful local artist that creates duct tape purses and jewelry from bicycle chain parts! go have a look see! i actually found her by accident on a local freecycle site...she is a graphic artist and she was freecycling books of wall paper samples!!! so i asked to receive them and wooo hooo!!! i was selected! she has emailed me several times to pick up some new books! they are WONDERFUL PAPER! and work beautifully in my art! she was a featured artist on a recent THAT'S CLEVER!

everyone have a wonderful evening...


Saturday, August 4, 2007

why oh why

do my pics look soooo W-I-D-E? LOL...don't need the extra pounds THAT WAY! got plenty of my own! or is this what they talk about the camera adding extra? hee hee


said i need a picture to make me look TOUGH...i kept laughing when they tried...then then they gave me a cigarette to hold...and all they could say was that they could tell i didn't smoke...geez...guess i've been branded a softie...(i don't think that's BAD though) hee hee hee hee

one of my sweet valentines

shoop shoop

the grandbabies

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garden fairy purse

garden fairy purse



white bracelet

white bracelet

mary bracelet

mary bracelet

turquoise bracelet

turquoise bracelet

glass knobs

glass knobs

have a seat....

have a seat....