Thursday, April 21, 2011

happy thursday!!



And lookie at the shadows of those baby leaves! (I love baby leaves...drives David crazy when we go someplace and I have to point them out..)

So tomorrow is Earth day...
last year Maddy was a poster girl for Earth day...

this year she was so excited getting into the car from school, that school had given each student a tree to plant in honor of earth day 2011! "nonnie, look what school gave us!!! AN OAK TREE!!! HEE HEE...DIDN'T HAVE THE HEART to tell wasn't an oak... Funny thing was is that it was snowing and the smell from her tree made it feel like a whole different season!

Yesterday, maxx hopped out of school looking quite the appropriate season though...

he so rocks those ears!
In keeping with the earth day, reuse, recycle festivities I found these oldie but goodie art piece photos I made using old envelopes turned into row houses!

and also found this spring birdie art I painted and poem'd

so close your eyes...and look beyond the physical contraints of yourself and others..and learn to SEE beneath the surface the strengths and positives that over abundantly fill your world...

Today is the first day of spring break for the I'm sure we will be out and about doing some fun things....and with promises of temps in the 50's for the weekend....perhaps the park!!!

take care!

big hugz til next time!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rummages Rummages..where for art thou...

RUMMAGES!!!??? Oh i so have that spring fever bug...and have started making my list and checking it twice...(oh wait..that's a whole different season isn't it???LOL) NOPE..i'm still making that list..but each time i look at GROWS...(and that statement, too, could alude to that other season as well, couldn't it..)

It amazes me how things listed on this list changes from year to year...and how something are ever present... Anyone have anything so wanting on their list?

This year I have on my list...
is a desk chair like this...

and I'd LOVE to find a variety of use in my dining room.

In our bedroom, we have an old wooden headboard...nonspecific...and I think I picked it up at a rummage many moons ago...well it just doesn't quite fit in with our beachy i'd love to come across some of these...shutters to make a headboard..

Yes, this is the time when I am going to get things done that I have had planned for quite awhile!

Come on up to our little second floor garden cottage!

Coming up the stairs you will be greeted by my revamped garden cart...(made a bag for a liner this week and got some pretty new blooms to fill the interior!)

And anyone visiting is greeted by one of my favorite sayings...for inspiration..coming or going!

I've had this birdie fabric for a bit...(it was actually a remnant...lucky me to find it...)
but it wasn't quite enough to cover these pillows entirely...

Kinda FUGLY...pillows...I picked up last summer...still new with tags...but the bullion fringe was I clipped off the fringe...

and covered them with this birdie fabric!!!

...gonna make a birdie like the nested one the medium purple and gold sit on my antique child's desk!

Our living room is sooo tiny that we use a weathered picnic table bench for a up gonna paint that out and distress it...looking more and more like a garden!!!

The bit of 80 degree weather we had on this past Sunday has plunged me into SPRINGDOM...

Just look at these sweet little spring felted works of art... (CLICK ON 'LITTLE SPRING FELTED WORKS OF ART") oh goodness they are sooo cute aren't they?? VIVIAN DOES SUCH A BEAUTIFUL JOB!!!

I have a had a bit of do a bit of art/crafting myself...I drafted this pattern for this cute little birdie....and the nest she is looking done in the same fashion of the previous nest I had made for Danielle's swap. I just love the uniqueness...of each of them!

...and this little doggie is in heaven holding this more-than-adequate bone!

Couple more things crossed off my proverbial TO DO LIST!

On to the next project(s)!!! AND HOPEFULLY RUMMAGES COMING SOON!!!

as always...BIG HUGZ til next time!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Morning and happy FINALLY...


Supposed to be in the EIGHTIES here in Milwaukee today....I moved my herb planters out to the back porch... I saw that some of the plants we had transplanted last year...on the side of the house have begun to come up...for the new season!!! (happy dance I don't have the greenest thumb on the
Yesterday we celebrated Xander, Logan and Kaya's birthdays...since they are all so close within a week time stretch...
Maxx had another round of therapy..with his sweet therapists, Rebecca and Tanya....last friday...and they have recommended that he see a rheumatoid specialist...(HERE WE GO AGAIN...) ...they saw him stiffening up after only 15 min of they are thinking that he be evaluated for arthritis... (this involves more SHOCKS...(shots)....)

He will be pulled from his water therapy and Occupational therapy...(insert sadness here) as he LOVES it...

Tuesday the touch screen on my cell phone went out...I lost a bunch of numbers...and all my website addresses that I had saved...Yesterday...the modem went out on the no connection...Robbie's gaming systems are connected to he got a new modem last nite...and kevin got it all up and running again....and my new phone arrived in the mail~!

all is the electronic world here...(knock on this table that hopefully is

This morning we are off to see the movie, HOP! So we will see you on the flip side of the afternoon!

BIG WARM HUGZ til later!

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