Wednesday, May 27, 2009

rainy days and

not monday...but wednesday! Of course being MAXX...he had to find the lone puddle in the parking lot...

...wet up to his

he is TWO...and his shirt expresses (oh disregard all those boxes piled up in the live in a sea of them of late..and the water is rising!

..along with being two...he still NEEDS (or is it US that needs him to?) that NAPTIME! he loves to sit in his PAPA chair and get snuggled with his QUEEN CAR PILLOW and his HANDY MANNY BLANKIE...he falls right to sleep feet kicked back...and snoring...

The new salon,where Kaleigh having a tropical promotion...kind of a TAKE A VACATION AT HOME this I made up some SPA-LICIOUS goodies as favors for the salon!

we went to cedarburg fleamarket last sunday..
Shannon offered to take the goodies to the car so we didn't have to carry them...and she got stopped if she was someone could have our parking spot..

Shannon and Dani posed for a picture...

...then Damien joined in! a friendship building experience!!!

I found a whole bunch of little goodies...but the two bigger things was this shabby, already painted pale pink shutter that will be PERFEct NEXT to my the living room...and this sweet pale pink garden trellis...


Got a couple of orders for some diaper to create the perfect themes!!!

hugz and much love til next time! make sure you leave a comment...the days are ticking til i draw a WINNER!!! (each comment counts an extra slip in the bucket!!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

...yeah...summer days are upon us!

...nice warm the 80' to the park!

SOME KIDS JUST DON'T WANNA GROW UP...(i remember the girls (and even robbie...riding these toys....when they were little..they are indestructible!!)


maxx fell and got the first skinned knee of the season...papa was blowing bubbles..and maxx went to chase some and well...his shoe got caught on a crack in the walk...and BOOM....

Uncle Robbie..and Maxx (gotta love his new shirt...mommy's new handsome man...for sure)

...anyone for CAKE!????? (he loves to share..."want some, nonnie...want some?"


how could i resist her! she's LAVENDER!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


...alas the push is on..for MOVING DAY! We have boxes sitting everyplace...the curtains are down and being cleaned...(not to worry we have shades still

... just got back from washington!!! I had an incredible week out there! THANKS RON AND LARA!!! I took tons of pics...just gotta get them on the computer...

EXCITING NEWS!!!! Junior (my nephew..he looks so much like his and Val's girls are here in the states!!!! woo hooo!!! been a long journey from the island of Rota (near guam)!



hugz and love til next time!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


WINDING DOWN...yesterday we went to westport, the ocean! it was really chilly but was such a rush to see the ocean! two big seals came right up to the dock..where we were...looking for were catching crabs everywhere...thus far i've taken over 700

....port townsend tomorrow...home on tuesday! i leave at 5 am...gotta get to the airport by 3 am...YAWN!!!!

hugz and much love til later!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


IN LACEY, WA! having a GREAT TIME!!! Only been here two days and i've seen sooo much! Yesterday went into Olympia and visited an antique shop...(going back tommorrow to the farmers mkt...

Today we went into pike's place market...did my picture like tom hanks did in the sleepless in seattle the scene..."so how's my butt"'m sooo bad...and also went to kiss (well got "close) the brass front of the brother said it would make for a cute "no SWINE flu danger here" scrapbook

then he took me to SHIPWRECK BEADS!!! has anyone heard of this place? OMG!!! OVER 500,000,000 PLUS BEADS! the store was HUGE...i have pictures but won't be able to post them til i get home next week...go check out their site...OMG...i've never seen so many beads and all the trappings to go with them!!! wow...WOW!

Then on the way home we passed a little coffee shop...(lol..go figure it's SEATTLE!) but this one was like a tiny drive thru shop in a parking was called BIKINI BARISTAS!!! so you KNOW we had to go have a look yep...she was wearing a bikini...(well was a BRA...(got pics there my son said he would start drinking coffee if we had one close to

Well Saturday we are going to the ocean!

hugz til next time...and keep leaving those comments...

Monday, May 4, 2009

happy may 4....almost fly TIME!!!!!

I'M LATE I'M LATE..WITH THANKS....oh look at the eyecandy readage that I got in the mail the other a very special gift from SANDEE!!!


I received this STUNNING bracelet today in the mail! oh my goodness it is gorgeous!!! THANK YOU HEATHER!!! Heather is the most talented jewerly artist isn't she!? She just posted some YUMMY YUMMY her shop!

AND ANOTHER package came today in the mail...said it was for maxx AND maddy...but as you will see from the pictures...don't think sirr maxx is UP FOR SHARING..LOL

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH PEGGY for this sweet suprize!!! You should have seen his face when he opened the box!!! Then auntie danielle played peek-a-boo with bunny and maxx...he laughed sooo hard!!!

I'll be up bright and early for my flight in the morning...and i don't know what kind of internet access...i'll have out there in hang tight and be GOOD...and keep leaving those comments! Who knows what i will find in the special places i'll be searching for some yummy stuff for the GIVEAWAY!!!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

SATURDAY...stuff....finds and whatnots...

How often have I found a sign on the road for a rummage that the words, address or info is written so tiny...and then directions are impossible to find...

well we went to a church rummage...(bought some VIDALIA ONIONS from the nice shriner guy in the parking lot...YUM...SUCH SWEET GOODNESS!!! FOR SUCH A GOOD CAUSE!)

went into the church and found this series of signs...

nice inviting welcome....


encouragement..for the journey...

and positive reinforcement when we got there!

gotta love GOOD DIRECTIONS!!!

Happy WARM Saturday!!! PERFECT enviroment for the annual playground rummage at a neighborhood school! It starts at 8...BUT if you aren't there by DEFINITELY MISS OUT! lol...well see all the goodies that you would have drooled over...walking out the gate! (been there)

found this sweet wooden..handpainted bed tray! It folds flat and has an adjustable top...

Here are some more of the goodies acquired today! (they get a bit better to see if you click on the pic!)

got some fun vintage jewelry to remake...a betty boop brand new watch...hmmm...where should THAT go? lol...

There was one sale that the couple had a scrapbook art store and they were selling all their goodies...books 1.00! swavorski crystals..48 in a pack for a quarter! fabric paper for a dollar a pack! i was in heaven!!!

new bottle of modpodge for 50 cents! one is glow in the dark..(thinking HALLOWEEN!)

and of course maddy got some goodies too!!! She got a bracelet kit and a water sand picture and another DOLPHIN for her collection!!! (this one is SPARKLY!!)

got a baggie of vintage wooden game pieces...for a dime...and had to giggle..when i saw the orphan ken the bag..have to kick around some ideas to use that! (i'm sooo bad)

...and lookie at this sweet clock...the little tail wags the minutes...and it keeps PERFECT TIME!

found this cute rubber stamp (then found out it was for polymer clay! (although the little faces will be cute art doll faces too...even if i do stamp them!)

after i got the stamp mold above.(like the mold NEEDED THE CLAY TO GO WITH IT...).we swung by a sale set up on the middle of a field...was a sale fundraiser. (BIG open field with ONE RUMMAGE SET UP IN THE't know if noone else showed up to sell...or they wanted this PRIME SPOT..LOL) we poked about their tables a bit...and i found this CLOSED plastic shoe i opened it and found 14 bricks of polymer clay and carving tools!!! whole box for 1.50!!!!

books and papers etc...that we also got too!

grand total for the day? just under 20.00....oh no wait.. got maxx a "just my size, little boy, gotta be like papa" reclining chair... he sat in the playground lot in his chair with his little legs propped up on the foot rest...everyone had to stop to make a comment about him and his chair!

so KICK UP YOUR FEET, RELAX and have a lovely day!!! hugz til next time!!!
just DON'T ASK to sit in his "PAPA CHAIR"!!!

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