Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The weather here has been sooo unseasonably was near 70 yesterday and 60 today!!! I remember having snow for halloween and dressing in so many layers that made us walk for trick or treat like the kid from A CHRISTMAS STORY! I worked on my design for my snowman ornaments for the swap over at vivian's blog...

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I felted the head and nose then added netting filled with sparkly stars and irridescint chenille stem halo and under neath i attached a sparkly snowflake...I blushed the cheeks with chalk and instant holiday snow angel!!!

Maddysen was one of the cheerleaders from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL....(her pompoms lasted for two houses and then went under the stroller!)...

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She initially wanted to be a Princess...and decided that the costume would be better for dressup play...

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Maxx began the day as a monkey but with the weather being so warm quickly transformed into a DINOSAUR..............ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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he is a very tame one though...well with mommy he is!
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Kaleigh did the bar hopping thing...and went as a BEE!!!

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I just love halloween!!!

Robbie is recuperating from having all four of his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday....

We had maxx's 9 mo. pics his uniform that daddy got him in Iraq...

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we are heading out to dinner to celebrate kevins birthday...(always KNEW there was something SCARY about him....halloween baby!!!)

after dinner will be waiting for the GREAT PUMPKIN...
big hugz til next time...!!!


nope it's not the sound that sirr maxx makes when he's blowing raspberries! (well yep maybe it is!) more on him in a

Pay It Forward....

i found this fun game on Heather's Speckled-Egg blog! Here are the rules...

I will send a little hand-crafted item to three artsy/craftsy bloggers who agree to do the same on their own blogs to "Pay it Forward". The FIRST THREE comments to this post who agree to do this will continue the chain of giving:

1. You comment on this post.
2. You receive a handmade gift from ME.
3. You post this message on YOUR blog and offer a handmade gift to the first three who comment

4. Thus, the cycle continues and everyone has fun and beautiful crafts to display in their home.

I so love to do handmade gifties! So anyone game?

Sirr maxx went to the dr. today for his 9 mo. checkup...he's 22lb 11 oz...and 30 3/4" tall! he is in the 97%!!!

Have a wonderful day! I"m off to maddy's dance classes...


Saturday, October 27, 2007

good morning!!!

HAPPY SATURDAY! Going to be a busy day...robbie TRIES to resume his bowling this morning...we will see...and then this afternoon i'm going to be kaleigh's date for a wedding...(her boss' daughter)...

i just went on ebay and got some delicious collage sheets....from seller id... phenomenon....the sheets get emailed to you for you to print so no shipping....lots of goodies there and at a GREAT PRICE!!! wowsers...they were in my email box lickety split!

on to my day...have a wonderful one yourself!


Friday, October 26, 2007

trying to get back in the saddle...

again and create some art!!! I finished an altered book spread for Jennifer last night...the theme of her book is "Songs of Childhood". I used some pages from a vintage childrens poem book...entitled BABYLAND.
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The book is just precious!

I cut out two purses this morning so on to working on them while sirr maxx naps! Maddysen is creating sentences with magnetic words on the refrigerator. No school due to teachers convention... Mommy had to work today due to switching days off with someone else during our vacation!

I woke miss Kaleigh up at 6:30 this morning to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER! I've called her 4 times since to sing...again and 21 more figure the labor i went thru when i had her is similar to the pain of my singing to her...FOR THE DURATION...LOL.. well maybe my singing is a bit MORE painful! lol
when she was born, david had just left the week before she was born for basic training in the army...

it took the army 3 days to get hold of him to let him know that kaleigh had arrived...and i specifically told the army in the message that I WANTED TO TELL HIM IT WAS A GIRL!!! oh noooo...the army had to call the hospital to VERIFY i was actually there and they released the info to him before!!!! then when he did finally get to call...he was plugging nickels and dimes into the payphone...(oh way before the cell phone and he came up five cents short!!!! i remember him asking the operator if the phone took told the operator to just charge the call to my mom's phone no....then realized that she was at work and my niece was baby sitting for shannon...luckily debbie okayed the the memories...

this is high birthday season for me...shannon's was the 6th kaleigh's is today, kevin's is the 31st...(always knew there was something scary about that then davids is the 3rd of nov...danielle's is the 5th of nov. (now THAT IS ANOTHER FUN BIRTH STORY...she was born in germany...) then robbie's is the 4th of December...THEN CHRISTMAS!!!! whew....i'm tired already!!!

have a wonderfully creative day!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We arrived home this evening! whew...what a drive....pouring rain once again..temp when we left florida was 84...temp here? 49...brrrrr...guess we are getting ready for colder temps of the i found it appropriate that ...........

Vivian posted a new swap for SNOWMAN ORNAMENTS!!! WOO HOO! her blog is... GO HAVE A PEEK AT HER ADORABLE SNOWMAN!!!



while you are on vacation! Disney was sooo MAGICAL! We had never been there...and we left making plans for next year!!! As i type we have just crossed into kentucky...we should be home by 10 this evening...(depends on diaper changes and having to feed the masses...

we took almost...ready...1000 pictures!!! and the photographers shot 90... it was such a rush to see stuff you only saw in pictures...before...and maddy was just in AWE!!!! We got to see the disney show Johnny and the Sprites and maddy danced near the stage and JOHNNY HIGH FIVED HER...she put her hand up to her mouth and just like OMG...HE TOUCHED MY HAND!!!! and we got to have a character lunch with the characters from little einsteins and jojo and goliath from jojo's circus...the food was really wonderful! i had chicken breast with blackberry sauce...and green beans with walnuts..and oh my i've never seen such an array of gourmet foods and desserts...

we wanted to lunch with the princess' but there is over a year waiting list...who'd a reservations were full for the bibbity bobbity bootique also...


Thursday, October 18, 2007


the morning has broke..FINALLY...what a night...we drove thru torrential rains and high glad david did that part...he is experienced in that...we are just outside of nashville, tn...woo hoo! the rain has stopped...have a great day!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

COUNT DOWN....10, 9, 8,...

7,6,..WE ARE OFF TO ORLANDO FOR A WEEK...we will return next wednesday...i'll check in now and talk nicely about me..heehee..

big mouseketeer hugz

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

thank you!!!

Rachael gave me an award...
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now i'm supposed to nominate ten people...(do i know that many? lol)

thus i nominate...

judy peace of art...(should be PEAS of art...)
karla karlascottage
patti (misspvc)
tamara (magic molecules)
vivian (viv's whims)
kelly (the little soul hummer)

links are at the just can't get them to link LIKE I WANT TO...WITH JUST A CLICK) OH SOMEONE ED JU MA KATE ME...

hugz and thanks for the smiles!


To answer the age old question...where do baby pumpkins come from? While at the pumpkin farm the other day I was attempting to follow the kidlets as they skipped thru the field looking for that perfect pumpkin....and looked down and saw this...

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NOW I KNOW! lol...

the kids had a grand time...even thru the grey skies and intermitent rain...(made for a muddy field)
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I have been tagged by Rachael over at the rose room, and Vivian at Viv's whims...(links are at the side...and you SHOULD go check them out...!!!) They want me to list 7 things about myself...(some WEIRD THAT would be news! like did you SEE THAT PUMPKIN GIVING BIRTH PIC ABOVE?)

so number 1 would be that i take pictures ALL THE TIME...just ask my kids and their babies...

number 2 I keep 3 journals in my purse all the time...just in case i need to write something down...why 3? i don't know...they are just there and i do put different things in each one..

number 3 poems come to me, usually during the night or in full but if i don't write them down they are gone just as quick as they come...

number 4...i like dot dot will see them in my writing all the time....

number 5...Thus far i have lived in 23 places...3 states (wisconsin, texas and colorado) and one foreign country (germany)

number 6 ...growing up i wanted to become a pediatrician

number 7...i overdo many things i what i do is never enough...HMMM

well that's it...without going into the DEEP STUFF...LOL...and let me tell you you don't want me to do that!

tomorrow we are heading to Orlando...never been there...any suggestions or tidbits or great places to go...(besides the just let me know! we will have computer access and i will check in thru out the trip...
p.s. maddysen still does not know we are going! we plan to give her a card that "came in the mail" that sings a princess song...with a personal invite for her mom and dad to bring her and maxx down for a visit...TONITE...! it's a magic that will be in her eyes that will be sooo special!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

the weather has broke...

..and tonite it is forcasted to be in the mid 40's...the mornings have been crisp...fall has arrived! Maddysen went to the pumpkin farm with her first grade class...

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The fresh air of the all day fieldtrip made her quite sleepy! She fell asleep in the car within minutes of me picking her up from school! I let her have a rest as we headed out to her dance classes...

Maxx has not experienced a pumpkin was big sister, maddysen, warning him of the "pricklies" on the stem..."oh maxx, don't touch there because you will get stuck!"...but maxx just couldn't resist...

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Maxx sprouted two new teeth on top...we discovered them this morning...!!!
Happy 9 month birthday to him today!!! He is growing soooo quick...

I finished up an altered book spread...It's hard to see from the photo...I pieced the background from tiny pieces of purple handmade papers then sealed them then washed over a white glaze for a bit of shine and bordered the pages with chrome paint (so shiny!!!). I wrote a poem last year that just seemed to fit the theme of the book..."What gives your heart wings?"...

My heART, My life
...allow me to float on the gentle breeze
created by the rapidd excitement of my fluttering
heART wings as I begin to know

...allow me to wrap myself in the warmth of creative excitement that envelopes each birth of art
BECAUSE.... are my refuge from life's storm are the prescription for my pain are the sanctuary that feeds my Soul
because of you.......
......................I feel SPECIAL!

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My art has taken me on a journey that I never expected to make...I am driven by an internal force that pushes me to create more...that force has an insatiable hunger. As I walk on I have gathered bits and pieces to alter my path into a beautiful work in progress...Everything meant to be discovered exactly as I do. People meant to be met are welcomed at the precise moment they are meant to be...

as they are a part of the me i have become!


Sunday, October 7, 2007


Oh what a weekend! I have many photos to share...Robbie, as many of you know is my bowling kid...(he bowled his first 300 last year...and has been bowling since he was 4...well yesterday his foot stuck on the lanes...and yep...

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they are thinking he broke a small bone in his wrist...of course the right hand...

they sent him home with a fiberglass nonremoveable splint and vicadin...

well today was the last Cedarburg fleamarket for the season...hard to believe as we are USUALLY wearing winter attire when we head was almost 70 degrees at 6 o'clock this morning...but it was sooo are shannon and kevin shopping! we took along maxx's stroller but no maxx...papa kept maddy and maxx at home

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it's sad when this market i always find soo many goodies!
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we recently bought maxx a firetruck toddler bed for when we move him out of the we have been collecting fireman related may have noticed the dalmation firedogs above...and a lady had this baggie of antique fireman buttons!
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then a lady had this little table...with a 1/2 price sign (only think i love about the last sale of the season...everyone is selling everything CHEAP!
she had this big box of laces majority hand made tatted etc...98 pcs in one box..
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I asked how much and she said oh it was 5.00 so now it's 2.50!!! So i scooped that up and she said well maybe you would be interested in more? so she showed me this box
MORE LACE!!! she said that since this one was was 2.00 so with the 1/2 price only 1.00!
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I also found these two sweet rose plates for the bathroom!

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there was a huge box of old paper dolls francine, storybook and drowsy dollies big pile but i knew i could do something...maybe frame some for maddy,xander,maxx's room
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and in the air were the sound of honking geese heading south for the winter

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in their V formations silhouetted against the sky ...

to some up the the pile of paperdollies...which ended up being 1.00 for the whole box...was a child's drawing and i don't think i could say it was...
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today's total expenditure for all my goodies was 37.25!!! and it was 85 degrees...and YES QUITE SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC (however you spell it)!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHANNON!!!! I turned on the sun today just for you!

I was just cruising the web and did a bit of shopping...WOW...HEATHER....GREAT NEW LOOK TO YOUR SHOP!
or just go to my
stuff i love
in the left column and click on the link for speckled egg...for lickety zip linkage...heehee...

She always has such fun stuff! Go take a peek!!!

we went to the harvest fest...and built a scarecrow to sit on the porch...Maxx had quite the time trying to figure out what the heck this straw stuff was...he examined it sooo closely!!!

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of course miss maddysen had to slide down the bales and make her scarecrow too! and then had us bury her in the straw!
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It is truly feeling like fall now...pumpkins are popping up in a sea of orange everyplace! I get to go to the pumpkin farm with maddysen's class on wednesday!!!
david got to go last year...this year she asked if i could go..."OH PUHLEEEEEZE, NONNIE PLEEZE GO!" now how could i resist!!!

Wanted to send out a sweet happy birthday to Rachael...
and now she has an ETSY SHOP!!! WOO HOOOO...and look at her shop! makes one wish you could lay down a map on the floor and just step over to take a visit!!!

everyone have a wonderful day...we'll chat later!


Friday, October 5, 2007


The sun is shining brightly and the promise of another day in the mid 80's is upon us! Tommorrow is Shannon's 20 something birthday! woo hooooo! She was my longest labor and delivery...(5 hours 45 min...only two hard contractions...geez i was spoiled...)


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everyone have a great day...we are off to the outlet mall (and maybe ben franklin for some new (only because i'm lacking fabric? LOL...) fabrics for fall!!!

maybe a couple of rummages on the way...who knows were we will journey to!!


Thursday, October 4, 2007


Haven't been bloggin for a couple of days...but i've been getting alot done!!! I finished a spread for an altered book i'm working on for my colormesilly group...

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and i finished up the halloween quilt that i did for the halloween swap for maria!

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Earlier this week i received my halloween swap goodies from Vivian!!! Such a spooktaclar array of lovelies!
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i couldn't help but display some of the goodies in this bowl!

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In today's mail I received a beautiful white witch hat from Sue! I promptly worked it in with my halloween quilt from Laura and spooky crow!
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This afternoon I sat down and cut out a pair of baby shoes from sparkly halloween fabrics! They turned out soooo sweet! So I went in to try them on Maxx's feet....
HIS FEET ARE TOOO CHUBBY! SNIFF i have this sparkly pair of skeleton/spiderweb shoes..will fit size feet...any ideas?
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Tommorrow we are heading to an outlet mall in Johnson creek...HUGE...and Sunday is the last HUGE fleamarket for the season! oh the snow is coming even that is hard to think about when the weather has been in the mid 80's!!!! Cool mid 50's at nite and then warm days! The leaves are changing and displaying a palate of colors...David particularily thinks the green and gold trees are a tribute to the PACKERS!!! GO PACK!


one of my sweet valentines

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garden fairy purse

garden fairy purse



white bracelet

white bracelet

mary bracelet

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glass knobs

glass knobs

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