Thursday, December 15, 2011

on the seventh...............eighth...............ninth.....

tenth AND ELEVENTH! WHERE HAVE THE LAST FIVE DAYS GONE?? (you'd think it was Christmas or something!) My apologies to these WONDERFUL ARTISTS!!! i DORTLED.... The seventh day gift was lovingly created by one of the sweetest ladies on the planet!!! Vivian (although sometimes known as Veronica...which brings visions of Scooby to mind...hee hee) created this sweet lil snowguy....! So stinkin adorable! (did you all know she is gonna be a grandma again but this time to a lil baby GIRL!!!? (TORRIE...her adorable grandson just turned one!)

and on the eighth day of holiday fun...Corrine created this spectacular banner...(if you remember back from a couple of posts..THIS IS THE GIFT that wanted to be opened FOURTH!!! Well what a beauty!! ...and it now graces my front window curtain!!!
on the ninth day of the 13 days swap....Hope made this lovely girlie pin that actually MATCHES a new scarf I got!!! She will grace it long after the holidays are packed up!!! Just look at the detail in that sweet face!!!
the TENTH DAY Terrie Lightfoot made this sparkly spool of MAGNIFICIENCE!!! The lights from the room and tree catch the tiny prisms of glitter!!!
and on the ELEVENTH DAY...Linda Morgan made this little steampunk baby!!! (and it's LAVENDER!!!) HOW APPROPRIATE!!! (FOR ME ANYWAY...LOL) I gasped when i saw her!!!
made this little steampunk baby!!! (and it's LAVENDER!!!) HOW APPROPRIATE!!! (FOR ME ANYWAY...LOL) I gasped when i saw her!!! THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!! This swap has been just a delight!!! Still got two more days to go and the anticipation of opening a little piece of each of your hearts makes mine sing!!! and to convey...what i'm feeling...
I DOUBLE LOVE EACH OF YOU!!! (thanks, maxx for helping!)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

on the SIXTH day of Christmas...

What more can anyone ask for...

AND MORE JOY ON THE FLIPSIDE!!! Martha this sweet glass heart is so beautiful!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! It dangles with so much sentiment for the season!!! The time is rushing thru my fingers...with yet SO MUCH to do... Now we KNOW it's coming...why don't I prorate the work..and get it done the season... HUGZ...til tomorrow..(goodness...i have blogged more this week...than i have ALL YEAR!!! (it CAN be done...and i'm taking note of it!)

Friday, December 9, 2011


As I mentioned on the group....the pause in the song...made the fifth day so special! Made you take notice...well's about GOLDEN RINGS!!! But on THIS fifth day...our gift was created by Patti Gramza!

It's so hard to tell from my photo but the cone was lovingly constructed using layer of fabrics with sweet treasures buried within!!!! It is sooo beautiful!!! In the package was a package of clear stamps...and some shiny rhinestone stickers!! AND A CANDY CANE!!! YUMMMMM...

I've met Patti once...(did you know she lives just the other side of town from me??)

Patti's gift was wrapped in a piece of muslin..that will have to become another one of these....babies!!!!

a girl could get addicted to having a lovely package to open everyday, ya know!!!

hmm...wonder what splendor awaits us TOMORROW!!!?? It's getting so that I want to stay up til midnight to make it LEGAL TO OPEN A NEW ONE!!!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

On the fourth day of anticipated loveliness...

well it began with an...

OOPS....the number four sticker...plopped itself on the number EIGHT package!!!! Guess it doesn't want to wait, eh?? lol

HERE IS THE CORRECT package!!! Created by Leslie Brier!'s sooo beautiful!! THANK YOU, LESLIE!!!
Here is Leslie's sweet ornament in it's home!!! (and the snowman just below is one my son, robbie, made in kindergarten!)
Maddy's Concert was quite wonderful...(not that i'm prejudice or anything! lol) Good thing she wore that big white flower so she is easy to pick out!!!
...AND maddy had quite the "fan" in the audience! Maxx's performance is the week before Christmas!

each day that we meet, brings new surprizes and moments of wonder...CHERISHING THEM....AS they too will pass oh ever too quick...


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

on the third day of Christmas...

sweet Elizabeth made for us...

I pause this announcement to give a
to our fearless wonderful lovely hostess, Elizabeth, who IS the mostest!!!

...back to our regularly scheduled blog post...(which HAVEN'T BEEN REGULAR!)
Elizabeth created a magnificient work of art using materials she already had! She created some amazing sun tatooed fabrics and used vintage fabrics and lovely antique buttons to create...

day number 3's work of ART

now on to day 4!!!

HUGZ til then!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

on the first day (and second day)...

of true loves gave to me....

Back a couple of months, sweet Elizabeth, posted if anyone was interested in participating in a 12 days of Christmas swap. Time has flown by and we are now in day 2 of our 13 days of Christmas! 13 because we were blessed with an extra participant..and who can say no to one more sweet giftie!!! Besides...13 makes us UNIQUE!

Here are all the gifties under the tree, waiting patiently to RIP into them!!!

The pressure was on....I WAS DAY 1!!! So I wrapped my gifties (because I couldn't stop at

Inside my little box package was:

a glass snowman globe...


a snowflake fabric cuff! (they also fit around a starbucks

day 2 (which I got to open on the same day as 1 because I was watching Lavender and Logan when the whistle blew signaling the opening to commence!)

Day 2 was lovingly created by Mary Zimany! I actually got to meet Mary IN PERSON for REAL in October at Art-is-You!!!

She created this LOVELY many details...(my photo does not do this justice!!! It's a little tin embellished with inks, images and so much sweetness...filled with sparkly goodness it IS peace on earth!!!

here is the ornament on the tree!!! (all the ornaments on this tree are handcrafted...over the years!

I made this Christmas greeting for Maddy and Maxx

...and here are Logan and Lavender...on a Christmas card I created for them! They are getting so big!

and here are Kaleigh's boyfriends three little ones

..this is Kaya

this is Lydia...

...and this is Mason

...and of course Xander, Maxx and Maddy!

Hoping everyone is taking time from the rush and stress of the enjoy the moments!

HUGZ til next time!

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