Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'M 34!!!!

and patti said so!!! cuz lookie lookie what i won!!!

thank you patti and thank you random number caller!!!
see maxx is even happy bout it!!! Actually he sees the camera and goes...CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!!

SORRY...CAROL...BUT THE RANDOM NUMBER THING SAYS IT'S mine mine MINE!!!!! Well at least til it gets here then i think that the princess divine will swoop it away, to put with her other art..that she THINKS belongs in HER room...(which technically isn't just HERS...LOL..but rather maxx's, xander's and hers...and pretty much anyone that ends up here...

P.S. I GOT A JOB!!!!!! and during orientation i was informed that i can't mention the place on a personal blog...hmmmm guess if you would GUESS where it is...i could nod my head...until then...

...i'm doing espionage...he ehe...just call me you KNOW that 7 is my number... that i have my purple streaks in my hair...i have to make sure they don't show...(i'm such a REBEL)...

although it will look good with the PURPLE shirt i will be that too much info? will anyone guess?

hugz til later...i still have a ton of pics to work up...

Monday, July 28, 2008


got up this morning...and made a batch of blueberry scones...(forgot i had the mix on the shelf!)

GO AHEAD HAVE ONE....they are still warm and smell sooo delicious!

... then i did another scrapbook page for maddy's summer scrapbook..for when school starts...again which is coming sooo soon...(she got her backpack last nite for her new SECOND GRADE year!!!)

She is sooo excited for the new school year to begin..and this year XANDER will be going to her school too!

i was awarded this sweet award by deana

There are sooo many blogs that would deserve this award!!! My days are filled with the excitement of hopping from one to the next..all over the world without the expense of rising gas prices!!!

I THANK you sweet girl!

I thus nominate these blogs: SUCH BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS SO SERENE AND PEACEFUL!!! (you don't even have to understand the language!!! the pictures transcend!!!) (and she's having a blog giveaway...but DON'T ENTER...CUZ I WANNA WIN! LOL) and i know she's won this award but i want her to have it again..hee hee debby has the most awesome art on her blog...go wander a bit!!!
simply delicious eyecandy!!!

Check back later as i'm working on a few more projects!

hugz til then!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


HANNAH-FIED? goodness! Months ago you may remember photos of maddy waiting in line to see HANNAH 3-D no the theatre!

...back in february i sooo can hear everyone...sooo sick of hannah...but i also sooo remember the days of Puppy Love...with Donny...and I think I love you...with David Cassidy... myself? YOU BET...

well...Disney put on the 3-d concert on the disney channel....last nite...and even though we had already seen it in the theatre...Walmart offered the of charge...(although non-existance in OUR area)....
....A HUGE THANK YOU TO SWEET HEATHER, for braving a huge buckets of rain secure 4 pair of the elusive spectacles and then priority them to us for the event!!!! WOW....WOW!!!!

It was a "laid back" thrill ride of an experience! The hours before the show..every two minutes..."nonnie is it time yet?"..."now?"..."how many more minutes"....

she did this little hanging off the couch wearing her 3-d glasses...barrage of "how much longer"

she was sooo funny....

then mommy and maxx got into it too...

She was sooo thrilled see HANNAH!!! (OR WAS IT THE JONAS BROTHERS?
the drop of the name NICK JONAS...brings about a swoon...hee hee)

and lo and behold...both hannah and the jonas brothers...movies...3-d and camp rock...are going to be released on dvd on AUGUST 19! course in maddy's world the date is it is her birthday!

Before the concert...Maxx was in his high chair, while mommy mopped the floor...and he was coloring...I guess he got a bit hungry in the whole "artistic process" because he had a bit of a snack on a purple evidenced by the purple "fillings" left behind!

...we were out in the yard...and maxx was a bit too quiet...(i.e. his shoes stopped squeaking...remember the bells that moms would put on babies shoes? well now the shoes squeak...although the squeaker does come out if you need to have a bit of quiet) well our shoes stopped squeaking (and the squeaker was intact) guess we ...better RUN...see where he is...


.... tuesday...i have an my fingers are crossed!

GUESS WHAT!!!! according to Carol Stocker...


Tonite i received this award...from Carol Stocker!


Here are the rules of this award:
1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.
2. Link back to this blogsite ( so Tammy can go visit all these wonderful women and remember the Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.
These women continually bring joy to my life through their encouragement, humour, inspiration and talent. It is with great pleasure that I award the "Wylde Women Award" to:

Dawn Gold

patti v crump

sandee hyde

tamara comerford

Rachael Cole

...oh i could go on and on and on...

BEFORE I SIGN OFF...there is a new blogger in blogdom...go peek at her BRAND NEW BLOG!...and leave her a message!!!

Jennifer Rogers-daniels NOW HAS A BLOG!!!!

..maddy and i were doing a bit of painting this weekend...transforming a few things...with some paint i had left!!!!

maddy took on a tiered shelf unit that was red...

while i put another coat onto my little rolltop childrens desk that i picked up years ago for $5.00! (it was raining and the lady didn't want to be there..and wanted to be done with her rummage...)

...and i had this mannequin for a bit but wanted a i painted her a creamy white...

i'll finish her up this week...and post the reveal pics!!!!...

Happy Sunday...and hugz for a wonderful week!

Friday, July 25, 2008



Monday, July 21, 2008

Beetles and Poppies sharing red dresses

treading on unchartered territory
on surfaces with holes too big for your toes
unstoppable and determined
feeling the air from beneath;
streaming through; beckoning; gently pushing your underside
you hang on; applying what you know
a compelling drive that tells you to proceed
to find that new place
where your heart belongs
knowing that at any moment
your wings can carry you away
another unchartered territory
that through experience you have gathered in past moments
gives you a qualification in your soul to succeed.

...this little beetle was on my screen this was like he posed for this picture...or was he terrified that my prescence could change it's world? All I wanted to do was to capture it's essesence in a frozen moment...and enjoy what it had to visual splendor...yet it didn't know that...i was the enemy...

It's the little things, tiny experiences, chained and pieced together in this moment that count...yesterday are those memories that have faded...and gone...tommorrow never comes...only touchable on the calendar square next to the one marking todays reference, this moment, it's all that we truly have...cherish it!!!

love my poppies and how the tissue paper thin petals ruffle in the slightest breeze...

...beetles and poppies sharing red dresses...will they be attending maddysen's ball?

We picked up a little knitting machine at a rummage for a quarter. It had no instructions and there was a part missing (we found out when we got was a but thru trial and error..we figured it out...and she went to town making lonnng evening dresses for barbie..and friends...
This one is for the "Christmas Ball"

Maxx being Maxx....


Can't believe he's already 1 1/2...and Maddy will turn 7 in less than a month.

Monday, July 14, 2008


PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS AUCTION! A highly talented group of women created this WORK OF ART!!! (I was soooo honored to be among them!) It was published in Belle Armoir (a somerset studio publication) and the original necklace is up for auction RIGHT NOW!!! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to ovarian cancer research!



Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We are on a bit of a get away...they are feeding me a drink called a snake bite.HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!..goodness didn't take much and i'm feeling it!!! well patti over at 7 rose petal of my having a give away for a glorious piece of art...but don't feel the need to visit as I REALLY WANT TO WIN...LOL...HEE HEE...patti's art is if you win...and thinking that...the holidays should come early for me...just send it to me!!! lol...

and new to blog land...go take a peek at MEGAN'S NEW BLOG~!!!! WELCOME MEGAN!!!

so behave while i'm away...i have been doing art all week thus will have so much to share when i can scan it!!! and i've shot almost 600 photos...thus far...
trust me...12 bathroom....siblings...their respective hubby's and bf and a 500 sq. ft...cabin on a lake...


Friday, July 4, 2008

finally got the picture i needed...

for july 1st...

Shannon and Kevin celebrated their 8th anniversary....!!!

...although he's been around for a loooooooooooooong

they've known each other since between 6th and 7th grade...


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BACK WHEN....(shannon is 25 days older than kevin...hee hee)

and now...

you can sooo see the two of them in each baby!!!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

let freedom ring!!!

happy fourth of july to all!!!!

We went to the celebration parade last nite and the weather just gave us a scare with wind and rain...couldn't let it RAIN ON OUR PARADE!!! but rain it did....before the event!!!!

we temporarily took cover during the hard rain...

of course miss maddysen got to use her umbrella!


maxx just couldn't figure out why a swimming pool of water formed in the tray of his stroller...aren't there just supposed to be COOKIES IN THERE?

we stuck it out and when the parade began...the sky looked threatening but blew over pretty quick...


FIRETRUCKS!!!! maxx was in awe! don't know which he loves more...

fire trucks...


of course there was lots of SUGAR to be had...tossed from the groups passing by...

and one church group passed out freezies to the kids!

and the baton twirlers got maddy to thinking...hmmmm i think i LIKE THAT!!!!!

during the parade the weather behaved for us!

the guy walking by with the toy cart...announced as he passed.."JUNK FOR SALE"..

he explained...that that's all he hears from the parents..."you don't want that it's junk..." he's marketing it...hee hee

uncle kevin got the kids some poppers...(you toss them down and they pop)

hope you enjoyed the parade with us!

have a wonderfully safe weekend! We will be heading up to the cabin in the northwoods of wisconsin! so everyone BEHAVE! i will have a bit of computer access so i will be WATCHING YOU ALL!


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