Friday, September 28, 2007


my HALLOWEEN QUILT FROM LAURA LUNCH! Had a great time and the quilt is TDF! JUST SOOO don't do it justice...but here is a peek!

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I had a great time today! I also hit two huge rummages! Pics to follow as soon as i get my camera back...i did score some vintage oh so soft and faded pink rose linens...your gonna drool over that!!! and i got some wooden game pieces and some sheet music...(A Perfect Day) with beautiful roses cascading down the front...thinking i may frame it for the bath!!! Oh how i wish i could paint roses like Karla... (I think i need to take some lessons!) Something for another day! Have a great rest of this one!

hugz and............
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Thursday, September 27, 2007


I put on the finishing polish on my zine! Inside I have included a kit for this sweet art bug doll! I even did the sewing of the body!

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I still don't know if I want to add a pin for a broach or filiment to hang her up! Time will tell!
Even though she looks HUGE...she is only 2 1/2 " tall!

hugz and have a great rest of the evening!

bits of the new bathroom done!

finally finished the bathroom...well not the trash can've got a couple of swaps to finish and get out...

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it even smells rosey in there!


finished my 4 x 4 quilties for a swap...

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these tiny bits of vintage lace and images were sooo addiciting to make!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


OH MY OH MY...LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL...OH MY OH MY...MY BILLY RAY IS COMING TO TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! AND AND AND...I GOT 10TH ROW FROM THE STAGE TIX!!!!! BE STILL MY HEART...OH MY!

you'd swear this is the first time for me to see him...nope nope...been hugged by him...many moons ago.. actually will be my 5th time...oh jeepers...



Tuesday, September 25, 2007

what i love about my home...

I love the smell when I walk in the door...or even the memory of that smell. I love the little things pieced together to create the whole picture...knowing that there is no way that the picture could ever be complete as my picture dwells in an everchanging ever accepting world...Back a few years i created a small quiltie with these words on it:

The permanent pressed
creased in mymind
have been felted between
of linted generations
liquid fabric softened
life at
I added a picture of that quiltie down below...Where you will also find some pictures of my home. It's not the whole picture...but a bit of a bite...

Sunday, September 23, 2007



green and gold hugz

Saturday, September 22, 2007


to post a pic of the goodies i sent out to Jamie for the sweet and sinister swap! I created a purse with a matching journal tucked into the pocket and a set of BOO PILLOWS...i used my felting machine to add some halloween color wool yarn around the edge of each letter! I tucked in some sweets and some other halloween themed goodies!

We went to see the new movie GAMEPLAN tonite...FABULOUSLY funny, serious movie...loved it!


Friday, September 21, 2007

oh what a glorious day!

A sunrise like that cannot be replicated with mere paint on canvas. but even my humble digital picture just glows with the promises of a beautiful day! (the pic does no justice of the real thing!) Sending sunshine to my art siblings around the world!

I received my Sweet and Sinister goodies from Jamie! OH MY GOODNESS! i opened this HUGE box and it was a sea of orange! There was sooo many wonderful beautiful goodies in this box!!! i unwrapped things savoring each one! AND.................SWEET GIRL SENT GOODIES FOR MADDYSEN , MAXX AND XANDER!!!! NOW HOW SWEET IS THAT! maddysen got home from school and was just ELATED! 'oh nonnie, take my picture so i can tell her how happy i am!!! can we call her? can we???"
i have posted pictures down below as i didn't want to minimize her generousity with tiny pics!!! So scroll down to the big pic section! Some day i will figure out how to maximize the pics by clicking on them....

Kaleigh phoned from Indiana, where she is on a bit of vacation...she was calling from the backporch of the home she was graciously invited to stay in...she said i would love it...all hardwood floors and a huge fireplace and a garden gate smothered in wild flowers! OH DID YOU GET A PICTURE SWEET GIRL? (she did...she knows her mom too well!) then she got all excited...A HUMMINGBIRD WAS BUZZING ABOVE AT THE FEEDER! she just enjoyed the moment...

I posted a couple more pics of bathroom progress to the right....shannon called to say there is a rummage close to me tommorrow...

"RUMMAGE SALE ~ New items each day!Vintage quilting fabric/remnants, craft books, WEIRD vintage collectibles, army jackets, baby clothes (newborn - 12 months), vintage glass, art, Pabst, tools, snow skis, furniture...WAY too much to list, many unique items. More boxes of crazy old stuff will be brought over on Sunday. This is part of a huge estate that we are trying to chip away at. "

vintage.................weird............unique.......crazy old stuff.........oh i'm soooo there! will keep you posted!

i did pick up an antique hair dryer on a pedestal green with a wooden handle...that will go SOMEPLACE in that bathroom!

well onto the new day!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Thursday!

This was a busy busy week! I began my violin training Tuesday! Well I am going to suzuki lessons with Maddysen at school...a parent or in this case...a NONNIE....must accompany the student...since shannon and kevin are working Nonnie is on duty!!! I've never never played an instrument...EVER...well does a magnus chord organ count? lol...This is going to be a challenge!!! We got the violin rented and Maddysen picked up the first things very quickly! Tuesday is our first private lesson so we will see!!!

The bathroom is coming along nicely! I found three little sweet ceramic birdies at a rummage for 2.00 for the set...had to promise the little old lady i'd take good care of them as they belonged to her mom...We needed a trash can for the room and i haven't been able to find something i liked..then it hit me...down in my studio i had a vintage pale blue trash can holding my collection of vintage hankies! So i found a different container for them...and have begun the transformation...thus far i have painted the top edge a creamy white then i'm going to use some vintage wall paper with pink roses to cover the botton section...i have posted a first look at the the right...

I also finished up my happy hANNoween annie doll!!! She turned out soo sweet! I felted her hair in place during Maddysen's dance class...I had an audience as i poked poked poked it into place! She posed for a sweet picture before being packed to be whisked off to.........................
oops...almost revealed where she was heading! Shhhhhhh....can't tell until she arrives!!!

I finished up a bunny wand full of halloween magic! He has black crystal beaded eyes...and fun halloween fabrics gathered about his neck...a cute little pumpkin bell lets out a jingle when his magic powers are evoked with a shake! the stick is covered with a bit of vintage book page! He is off to his special owner as well!

Oh what a week! Busy, hectic, glorious fun! With a pan full of warm Pineapple-Apple Crisp covered with a dollop of whipping cream....Don't you just love the autumn?
If anyone needs the recipe just let me know!


Monday, September 17, 2007


COMING ALONG! I worked on it most of the afternoon and here are some of the pictures thus far!
I STILL NEED TO PAINT THE CORNER STAND AND A COUPLE OF OTHER THINGS...i need help with "stuff' to put up on the shelf above the toilet...i picked up the shelf (the one with the bird on it) for fifty cents this weekend! and the rose water hair dressing was a quarter!!! i knew i wanted to hang my hand mirrors but i didn't know how i wanted to display them! i had the towel rack and voila!!! they hang nicely! I still need some art work for the walls to give the room a finished look...and i'm thinking of a window treatment too...and i'm going to paint some glass paint to cover the red glass spot on the stained glass window panel....tomorrow's another day!

have a great nite....

I'm open to suggestions!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


My daughter, Kaleigh, did this painting of Shannon Hoon...late singer of the group Blind Melon. Kaleigh is sooo talented, she never ceases to amaze me! Her heart shines thru her art!

Almost finished with my halloween quiltie...well one of i'm off to the sewing machine for a bit of fun!

Have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday...middle of the week

....just in case you check to see what day it is...i KNOW sometimes no MANY TIMES...I need that HELP! days run into nites run into days...
I finished up one of my hats for the halloween hat swap...this one is for Debra over at Hope she likes it!! Finally got the rest of my materials for my 12 days of Christmas swap this morning!

Maddysen starts dance class later today...since mommy and daddy are both working it's nonnie time! So while maddy has her dance bag packed i have my PP bag packed...(PORTABLE PROJECT) She is in class for 2 hours and there is this wonderful quiet room for the mommy/daddy/nonnie's to read sip coffee/tea's a FORCED me time! LOVE LOVE LOVE DANCE CLASS! i can be seen pirhouetting to the quiet room...that is the extense of my

maddy said they played TOILET TAG in gym class...anyone ever heard of that? So i questioned it... Similar to tag..but if you get tagged you have to put out your arm and the tagee has to "flush' your arm and then you have to spin around three times....sounds like a swirly to

well back to the ole sewing machine! I have offered to host a wand swap and a button card swap for January and February...hard to believe we are swapping into the new year ALREADY!


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Oh the mind flys with ideas...put maxx on the grass after i photo'd a leaf that was of particular colors...(autumn leaves...i can smell them with there crisp implications of cooler weather!) He would NOT KEEP ON THOSE SUNGLASSES! lol... ever since that maddy swimming in the teacup...i decided that maxx needed some altering a bit too! my mind has been working on what scenarios i can mesh together...

we celebrated maddysen's birthday today at a place that houses HUGE blow up slides much fun! pics later...

yesterday we visited Plymouth, WI where the whole town showered the returning soldiers with adoration and honor... it was quite an affair...the young soldiers formed a receiving line and the veterans filed thru...saluting and shaking hands and veteran gave maddy a kiss on the fore head...IT WAS SOOO TOUCHING! i have lots and lots of pics to share...

hope your weekend was wonderful!


hugz love and smooches!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Good morning and Happy Saturday! Today I will travel with Kevin and the babies to Plymouth, WI. as they have a heroes welcome celebration planned by the entire town! It will be a grand time! I was a bit concerned when I woke up this morning and the skies were grey and looked like rain....UGH! but alas this is WISCONSIN and the weather is unpredictable! Here it is an hour later and the skies are the bluest i have seen! (this is an outdoor picnic!)

and now AVAILABLE.......I have listed Heavenly Grace on ebay....

I hope everyone has a delightful weekend! I will post pics from the celebration soon!


Thursday, September 6, 2007

angel of sweet dreams....

For the last couple of days i have been creating a special little bear...she stands about 16" tall but would rather sit to show off the soles of her feet! She is and Angel of Sweet Dreams! She is made of lots of vintage goodness. She is partially stuffed with dried LAVENDER for a sweet smell!Vintage laces, antique baby romper (with a tuck and gather here and there to make it fit!) , vintage baby shoes (when did baby's stop wearing these!), glass buttons, shoe button eyes, old cotton scalloped cuff socks tea dyed a bit...her little heart she holds I made from a vintage baby blanket and hand embroidered it...The soles of her shoes i wrote a little poem.....
starlite, starbright
now I lay me down to sleep
Oh! just one, Once upon a time
then I'll pray my soul to keep.
Tuck me safely in my bed
my bear and thumb in place
then I'll close my little eyes
with a dream upon my face.

Have a wonderful evening!


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

school days school days...

Maddysen and Xander began school today! Maddy in first and Xander in Kindergarten! Haven't received Xander's pics yet but here is miss maddysen all ready to begin the new year in her new school! She was so excited! There are 19 children in her class...11 boys and 8 girls...give her a week and she'll be ruling the school! lol...she already thinks she "owns" it since she is going to Madison elementary this year...and it's named after "her" they just spelled it WRONG!!!


Saturday, September 1, 2007


Sometimes things need to change...and there is no room for some loved things!!! Babies seem to grow too and only wear things once maybe twice!!!! So after a bit of an absence i have listed a couple goodies on ebay once again! Have a peek if you'd like! I will be listing items throughout the week so if you have a chance stop by for a visit! I am dismantling my Coca Cola bathroom as well in favor of a PINK GIRLY GIRL ONE! (david says he goes in there to "do what he needs to do and the interior decor is MY decision!" woo hoo! Just hope he doesn't decide to change the oil in the car and clean his hands on the new pink towels once they are up!!! eeeek!!! thinking that i should use BLACK accent towels!!! hee hee!
my ebay offerings:*lavender*lollipop*laneQQfrppZ200QQfsopZ3QQfsooZ1QQrdZ0?


one of my sweet valentines

shoop shoop

the grandbabies

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garden fairy purse

garden fairy purse



white bracelet

white bracelet

mary bracelet

mary bracelet

turquoise bracelet

turquoise bracelet

glass knobs

glass knobs

have a seat....

have a seat....