Thursday, September 11, 2008


Time passes...and hopefully all will remember the losses of 9/11...although most of the customers today writing checks asked what day it was..and when i mentioned the date...the overwhelming response was..."wow i didn't realize that"...

I still remember the day as clearly as it happened only yesterday...we were on our way to an outlet mall...and we had just dropped off the kids at school...maddysen was only a month old...and we flipped on the radio to hear if there were any traffic deal with enroute...and the reporter said...well lets check our traffic..although the traffic is nothing like new york right now...and i began thinking...who cares what traffic is like in new york...!!! it was approx. just after 8 in the morning CST....then the day an accordianed paper...and then collapsed around us...

Prayers and love to those affected...directly and indirectly...

Today was a very long work...we are resetting the beading aisles...and the pegs and signs have scratched up and cut up my arms and hands...should have worn a pedometer to log in the miles i tracked carrying pegs of beads from the back to the front of the store...who needs a gym!!!

The new beading gallery and shop opens this weekend...and i will be working in that area...!!! we will be selling high end beads etc...first store in the nation...pilot store...!!! wonder if we will have beetle how i see a certain kind of bead..or embellishement and think of sweet kelly!!!!

I actually began a felted halloween cuff yesterday and it is turning out really cool!!! Here it is in stage one...felted base on tyedyed orange wool...fibers and wool roving....bits of broken rosary beads one spunky black start...

only one side of the backing (orange and black finished leaving room for me to still get inside for more stitching....and beads...etc...)

click on the picture for a closer peek...

will work a bit more on it tommorrow...have to see what else i can find to add to i downsize i'm finding all kinds of goodies....that i forgot about! just like special little gifts lurking ready to be found!!!

Well the home from work and found a letter from david's union...telling us that our health insurance was canceled as of jun 30th..!!!!!!!(IS THIS NOT SEPTEMBER????????)
and that david didn't have enough time in and now we owe the union 98.33!!!! and that is payable in 10 days...AND THEY TAKE NO LATE PAYMENTS....!!!!!!!!!!! ...and now without..that coverage...(thinking that the 98.33 is the difference we owe to cover david's diabetes meds...cuz we didn't know we didn't have that coverage...when we had it filled last...)....WELL HECK...don't know what we will jobs in site....although they are screaming for help in las vegas.....i get paid tomorrow..but that is earmarked for elec/gas...and phone...and next weeks unemployment check is to pay the other half of this months rent...hmmmmm....
we will survive....cuz i got spunk.......

hugz and love


The Rose Room said...

Blessings for 9/11. Our alarm was set to having our radio wake us up and I lay and listened to the radio announcers talking about Twin Towers and thought it was stupid radio prank. They kept going on so I woke Steve and said we had better get up and turn the TV on, something terrible has happened in the States . . . a day forever etched in all of our minds no matter how near or far.
Are you working in a craft/bead store? That would be fatal for you!
Your cuff is divine by the way!
Crap to no money, looming bills etc, crap I say. If I win our Lottery tomorrow night I'll personally bring you some money and also your parcel sitting under my desk gathering dust because I still have one thing to add to it that is buried in the bottom of a closet I can't bring myself to delve into! I'll get there!!! Take Care, fingers crossed I'll see you soon, just gotta nip out and buy a ticket! Rachaelxo

sandee said...

You got spunk, all right. And friends. You let me know what I can do sweet girl, and I'll be there for you in a heartbeat!!!

misspvc said...

Oh I know how you feel!!!! but I have CONFIDENCE that you and I are BOTH going to make it through this super tough patch with bells on! (well in your case...beads hehehehe) I'm prayin for you...and that David AND Robbie find new jobs soon and that they are great ones! hang in there sweet one!
huge hugs
Patti V

peggy gatto said...

Yesterday was melancholy.
Love your cuff.
hate the $$$ thing
Prayers going into high gear !!!!!
love ya

vivian said...

I am very seriously going to pray for your husbands job situation..while I pray for my husbands job situation!!
blessings to you love!!

Jennifer R.D. said...

Hi Barb,
I am sending serious good vibes your way!
Hang in there -I have every faith in you! You are a beautiful spirit and so many people care about you and your family.
Big hugs,

Tally O said...

My heart is aching at this problem - but I know you will push through, cuz you just gotta!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Chica!!
So you found a job and at a Bead store no less!! What fun!! And you don't have to worry about gym membership- like that was on your list!!!
your felt piece is beautiful_ and I am so glad that you are able to get some art in. One can only take so much stress!!The other stuff will work out somehow- everything is so tough all over and I am so sorryt hat you all are being hit so hard! Wish that there was something that I could do for you...... Believe in your self and your gifts talents and love that you have for all those around you and it will work out!
Big Hugs!

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