Wednesday, April 29, 2009

wednesday...and a GIVEAWAY!!!

happy good day to all!
Just out of the oven.... the little "inch and a half" teeny sock monkey some plans for him!

still cool and rainy here...supposed to be in the 70's tommorrow..with huge storms..though...but 70's i'll TAKE!...only a couple more days until i head off to see my brother and his wife in SEATTLE! I leave on my birthday (5th) and return on the 12th!...I got a line on a job...too!!!! woo hooo...great hours...8:30-2:30 mon-friday! perfect...

got to the first flea market of the season here on saturday...shannon, maddy (complete with her "green" bags...and then kaleigh joined us before she had to go off to work...

the weather looked and called for the bargains were plentiful!

Cute little wooden chair..that i'm going to repaint for maxx's room...
bright dustpan, clear lacy tissue box and some faded floral fabric..and three bead boxes...sweet rose powder container...

black and white checkered purse case ((below)) (from england in the 60's the lady said) and no matter it will be great for storing some small canvas'...and a sweet hat box and a wooden folding stool..that i have plans for...stacking a set of hatboxes on after i paint it out...

i can't wait to get into the new place...and begin restoration! woo hooo....

picked up this cute kitchen so maxx can COOOOOOK!!! (only $10.00!)

step into my KEEEECHIN...he seems to be saying...(love how he says kitchen!)

was missing the phone...but he just pushes the buttons like an intercom!

who needs to wash dishes when you have all those cars to wash!

...and since it's my birthday AND my bloggerversary...the end of this next month..AND i'm approaching my 300th post ALL THIS NEXT MONTH...I SHALL BE HAVING A GIVEAWAY...all the comments left from now until the 25th of May...will be entered into a drawing for something WONDERFUL!!! SOMETHING VINTAGE...WOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!! so stop back often! each comment makes it into the drawing!

off to dance class now...RECITAL COMING UP! (and on the same weekend of the rummage...and MOVING...)


SarahD said...

HI Barbara

love the goodies you found....Congratulations on your 300th Post

Hugs Sarah xx

peggy gatto said...

Congratulations to my dear friend, teacher, and multi talented artist on your 300th! I think I've seen most of them. You always inspired me to keep blogging and I copied a lot of your ideas with your fun slide shows and gadgets.

Debby said...

Yeah!!! Congrats to you on your
300th post, wholly!!! That is really something. Keep on bloggin... So many goodies, gotta love that cute little kitchen

Maija said...

I adore your monkey!!!!!!

vivian said...

hi doll! you have a lot going on ! birthdays, blogversaries.. moving.. so much to look forward too! oh.. and the job thingy! sending up a prayer for you there!
LOVe your little sock monkey too!
hugs to you!

Jennifer R.D. said...

Hi Barb,
Happy birthday and have a fabulous trip! Get some "happy" pills so you won't be nervous flying.
I LOVE seeing all the treasures you find!

Renee G said...

Looks like a fun shopping trip.


sandee said...

So, he's either going to be a cook for a fire station of a baseball player. My bet is that it won't be in technology since he doesn't realize the phone is missing!

Kelly said...

i can't believe how big he is getting! and i love his little keechin! so sweet.

Autumn said...

Congrats on your 300th post and Happy Birthday! Sweet pics.
~ Autumn Clark

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