Wednesday, July 8, 2009


BEFORE I BEGIN...just need to wish a

Happy NINTH anniversary SHANNON AND KEVIN!!!

It's wednesday!!!

It's been a very busy couple of days past...whew...

Picnic on the fourth at kori and tony's house...

lots of dancing and eating going the picnic

bit of sparkler prancing going on here by Kori...

Kori and their little one, Lilly!

...and here are Logan and Lilly...(logan is Katie and Jason's little one...see bottom of this post)

and then fireworks later that nite...

The boyscouts did the presentation of an ENORMOUS FLAG!

This year we went into the stands of the Milwaukee Mile (racetrack located in the Wisconsin State Fair...)

We sat up a bit so we would be able to see above the fencing...

Robbie showed up for just a brief moment...(well the boy needed keys to get into the house...forgot his...and he had been down at summerfest at the lakefront..)

a quick snuggle before the grand display!!! (and it was a little chilly too...)

Then the moon sandwiched between the dark sky and the clouds emitted a glow that formed somewhat an animal skin print in the sky!


there were lots of oooo's and ahhhh's...and maddy was sooo excited...she didn't know where to look next!!! From our vantage point we could see fireworks on the horizon from all over the city!!!

Sunday morning brought the annual Military recognition at the MILWAUKEE COUNTY ZOO!!!

EVERYTHING WAS FREE...ADMISSION, RIDES, EXHIBITS, FOOD, SNACKS...EVERYTHING! Anyone that was or is a military vet etc...and their families (limit of eight admissions) was able to come! This is the fourth year that we have enjoyed this event!!!

The line to get in wasn't that bad this year!

We donned our blue wristbands...

Then which way to go?

Soo much to see!

Should we go this way?

....or this way...


come on Maxx....LET'S JUST GO!!!

Maddy was our spokesperson...she read most of the exhibit signs on what type of animal was enclosed in the surrounds...

The kids enjoyed feeling what various animals felt like...

i promised this sweet little green birdie that he would make my blog...he posed for me quite sweetly!!!

NOW...from a sweet baby that LOVES to go visit the fishies at walmart...(we think he thinks it IS the
HE was AMAZED and in AWE!!! Now he has been to the zoo before..but we think he is just now come into realization about all the animals...and is understanding it all now!

oh look!!! they have MORE FISHIES than WALMART!!!

MY favorite animal in the zoo is the GIRAFFES! Last year I got to feed them!
Guess they still remember that I did, because they posed in this
shape for me...hee hee

smooches back to you guys too!!!

This was the first time we got to see the new flamingo island love love flamingos...

They can walk right up to you!

of course miss maddysen loved to pose for the the drop of a

...but all that posing...makes a girl tired...

so she rested...

and rested...

and rested...

and rested...

and rested...

It was time to go eat!!!

MAXX WAS HUNGRY! (well so were the rest of us...but maxx expressed it most...)

With the crowd of people...tables were at a we found one and maxx and i sat at it while the rest of the crew went to get food for us...

maxx sat his waiting...for food...

...still waiting...


...ears perked up...he thinks he hears his food coming!!!

YES FOOOD!!!! (and as you can see the mousquitos thought HE was a tasty treat too!)
(he loves corn on the cob!!!)

The military put on a display of it's vehicles that the kids could explore...

...and maddy got the chance to see just how heavy the military backpacks are...for those times that she complains HERS is TOO heavy!!!

sweet ending to a perfect day!!! THE ICE CREAM PEOPLE!!!


and yes i was there too...(oh how i dislike my picture

...back at the house...

we found the door to our closet in the basement..

it was missing one hinge pin...and for older houses...matching these things are quite the challenge!

This is the one we have...

LUCKILY we have a RESTORE center in town...

people donate things that they are removing from their homes as they renovate...
and they donate them to this store...
the proceeds from the sales of the items benefit HABITAT FOR HUMANITY!

(some things get put into the FREE stuff there!)

...but if you are looking for period pieces for authentic replacements...lookie what you can find!

and for a mere FIFTY get a close match!

...AND IN OUR QUEST for license plates for Maxx's room

we came across this store...

good gosh they have the STUFF...

...including...this sweet antique plate hanging on the back wall!

..well it WAS on the back wall!!!

we are looking for more plates..if anyone has any laying around! We want to do a ceiling border for Maxx's transportation themed bedroom!!! (we are writing on the back of each one where and or who we got them from!!! for posterity!)

whew...this was a long post...thanks for hanging in there!

this weekend we have Katie and Jason's wedding!

Think i need a rest now...(will go ask Maddy for resting advice!)



peggy gatto said...

I always enjoy coming along with the family for fun!
I am exhausted!!!!

vivian said...

wow girlfriend! that was quite a post! I feel like I just spent the whole day with you! (OH what fun that would be!) I LOVE the picture of you and Maddy!
I'm glad you had a fun weekend!

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