Tuesday, December 22, 2009

issues with tape...

Maxx took it upon himself...to wrap his mommy a present...(aren't little boys so special at this age) He gathered scraps of brightly colored paper as they fell to the floor like a little squirrel gathering a winters feast.

He came upstairs and picked up a roll of tape...and i asked what he was going to do with MY tape...

i have to wrap mommy's present!
,came the little reply.

So he went downstairs and went under the tree...(where the present in question was hiding....)

He sat down in the dining room and proceeded to have a tape adventure...

(one can never have too much tape)

(and the darn stuff REALLY sticks...to little fingers...) now i can't for the life of me get the darn stuff to stick on paper...

(i need help nonnie)

hmmm...wonder what's in the package...


...AND just what is in that package so preciously wrapped? folds and folds of paper..wrapped around lots of love...

Sitting by the computer...working away....and you know something is MISSING...outside temps hovering at 20.....and YOU CAN'T QUITE PUT A FINGER ON WHAT THAT SOMETHING missing IS...

feet felt a bit cold...and the nonnie cam...caught a SUSPECT...anyone recognize these feet?
kind of smallish in my lavender fluffies...scampering across the floor in a shuffle shuffle....


wishing you all toasty toes...big hugz, Merry Christmas and LOTS OF LOVE!


Elizabeth said...

What a winderful story you tell!! I hope that you all can celebrate your togetherness and all that you do hacve and chase those slippers down now!!!! i know that you will ahve a wonderful Christmas and the year ahead will be a very good one for all of you!!
Big Hugs!!

peggy gatto said...

Maxx was "caught on tape"!!!!!
Keep those tootsies warm !
LOVE my egg nog from hoops and yoyo!!!!!
chug, chug, chug.......!

prashant said...

I hope that you all can celebrate your togetherness and all that you do hacve and chase those slippers down now!!

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vivian said...

what a cute post ! You know I just love that little maxx!
wish you lived nearby.. gotta go out to play and no ones around to go with me!

Mija said...

Oh my gosh he's looking less like a baby and more like a kid! Hair and all! Looking alot more like Maddy too. Sweet!
XOX Mija

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