Friday, February 20, 2009

happy friday!!!

morning sweeties! i've got THREE DAYS OFF..IN A


bit of tag art that i did last month...that i found when i was going thru files to move about a bit...

having overstuffed computer problems....(and the guy at the computer store said we'd NEVER run out of room...

kevin is trying to install more space...but FIRST I'VE GOT TO DELETE STUFF...oh my how will i do that! so i'm transferring photos to shannons computer and then deleting them from mine...then i can get them back when i get more space!!! ever heard of a TG? 1000 GB's...or something like that...

pop on over..there's a giveaway of sweet proportions! just have a WON'T BE disappointed!!!

off to move some more files...and photos...

hugz til next time....

Saturday, February 14, 2009



just sending out smilez, DOUBLE kissez and hugz for VALENTINES DAY!!!!

ALL MY LOVE for my blogdom sweeties!

Friday, February 13, 2009

happy friday to all!

Hope everyone is doing well! FINALLY had a bit of a chance to get some art done or finished...whew...what a month!!!

last nite i got to snuggle under my snuggie with maxx...fits both of us quite nicely!

...and had to giggle when shannon put on maxx's baby legs (well they can also be worn under a short sleeve shirt to make a long sleeve tshirt in the cold...but oh my...he is now my little ZETTI baby!

stay tuned tommorrow for a special valentine message from maxx!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

good morning! happy OWOH day!

THE SUN IS OUT!!! it is softly filtering in through my front window as i type this! it feels sooo warm! (although OUTSIDE...IT IS ONLY 34...) we had that TEASE of 59 degrees on tuesday...stomp stomp...i sooo NEED SPRING! oh wait mr. sun...DON'T GO BEHIND THAT CLOUD!! come back come back...oh there you are! don't TEASE ME LIKE THAT!!! LOL much has kept my days sooo busy of late! I have emailed the winner of my necklace and i'm just waiting for a reply with mailing info! (thinking she may be sleeping...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!)

the winner is:


goodness...there were sooo many wonderful giveaways! almost 1000!!!!! goodness...and such loveliness...

i'll be back a bit alot to do today...

hugz til then!

Monday, February 9, 2009


...a pretty in pink...MADDYSEN!

Auntie Kaleigh added a touch of pink to maddy's hair...this weekend...!!!

taught my first "official" wire wrapping jewelry class yesterday! Everyone had a great time!

and then last nite...we went to the 2009 pasta fest which is a fundraiser for the MACC fund..(an agency that does some wonderful things for children with cancer in the milwaukee area) Shannon got tickets thru her work...her boss is one of the fabulous sponsors of the event!
well they have tons of raffle prizes that are donated to the cause..and...

maddy WON!!! (well we all know maddy is a winner already...hee hee)


Maddy named her MEGAN...after Kaleigh's good friend, Megan..who gave maddy some money to buy some raffle tickets! It was one of her tickets that was pulled to win!

Maddy was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited! (can ya tell?)

Well it's off to work for til later big HUGZ!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


VOTE FOR ASHLEY PAIGE AND HER ANIMAL RESCUE! Ashley is a wonderful person that takes the time to help out sweet pups..that need her!!! She is also someone who genuinely cares about things that most celebrities would thing nothing of...doing!

Aside from her animal rescue...she what you may ask does THIS have to do with anything...well maddysen and I were big fans of her show...(especially maddy...) and i wrote in to tell her how much maddy loved her show...and that she had inspired her to create some little knit things too! (well it's maddy and you KNOW the girl loves to make things!!!) well within just minutes of me posting this note to her website...she emailed me back thanking me...!!! now thinking this was just an automated reply...oh was ashley her self!!! and tooo boot...she called miss maddy ON HER BIRTHDAY!!! MADDY WAS IN AWE!

ASHLEY is truly a sweet hearted person...that soooo deserves this recognition of this award...(not to say the others don't) but please find it in your heart to swing a vote her way!!!

big smooches from me and maddysen!!!

...sticky sweet!'s everyone?

papa helped maddy build a dolphin model...the other day...(maddy LOVES DOLPHINS!)'s the finished fishy! (was nice as there is no glue required..just slid the wooden pieces together....well at least the glue is not needed YET..just know Maxx will have to "check it out" sooner or later! THEN we will need GLUE!

the kiddies got a sweet treat for valentines from auntie heather

miss maddysen is soooo dainty in her attempt at tasting the sweet treat....

and then if you remember last years valentine sweet pics of maxx... (they are in a slide show at the bottom...of this blog...)

well he has NOT lost his touch...oh were we a sticky sweet mess!

it's cold here today..( it HASN'T been for like forEVER!) only 1 degree this morning...BUT...FORCASTS ARE REPORTING...TEMPS IN THE "GASP" 40's! for the weekend!

Off to clean up the house...then who knows...i don't try to schedule lots of my day seems to fill quickly so i just go with the flow!

hugz til next time!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

it's a new month now...

february is HERE!

came across these sweet pixie on my ebay...i knew i had a few that shannon and the babies are living with us...just clearing out more keep on checkin!

SORRY THEY ARE TENTATIVELY SOLD...(i.e. bought but not paid for

bit of time to make some necklace and bracelet...

remember way back in may..when my daughter's friend let me go with her and her hubby to see if her baby was a boy or girl?

well here is baby lilly and maddy today!!!

and here is the future (lilly's mommy decided...) mr. and mrs...!


here is a pic i took of miss maddysen to use for her valentines...

going to alter that up with some sweet valentine digi goodies!

that's it for now...hugz til next time...unless SOMETHING ELSE comes up today...whew...hope not!!! i'm off to work...thinking it may not be too busy...with the superbowl and all...although people DO need glitter and beads!!!

one of my sweet valentines

shoop shoop

the grandbabies

create your own slideshow

garden fairy purse

garden fairy purse



white bracelet

white bracelet

mary bracelet

mary bracelet

turquoise bracelet

turquoise bracelet

glass knobs

glass knobs

have a seat....

have a seat....