Wednesday, February 16, 2011



WEll no matter...Happy mid-week!

Can it be??? Is it over half way thru FEBRUARY ALREADY??? Was it not just Christmas...??? Today...I packed away..the it must be true!!!

I use vintage candy boxes to store my handmade valentines that I have received in swaps over the years...

and keep my valentine pins securely pinned to a fabric topped box...

yes...Valentines is done for the year...2011...

Been doing a bit of spring cleaning and just plain rearranging...probably in that mode..due to the outside temps in the upper 40's and even cracked LOW 50'S!!! (YOU GO GROUNDHOG!!!) To be truthful...I don't care what it takes...just SPRING GET HERE NOW...!!!

Redid some of my built in cabinet in the dining room...

And I think this little bear belongs perched upon this GRANDMA little dish since Vivian, who made this sweetie, IS a Grandma now! whatcha think, viv?

some of you "long timers" on my blog may remember that cup under the glass dome from a "swimming adventure" maddy took several years back...

Been sifting thru some local antique shops....(darn rummages...) for some bits and baubles to fill my "flea market" boxes for my partners! (Got the boxes done...just need the fillings!

Found these sweet silk bloomies...for FIFTY CENTS!!! Even the shop lady on duty was amazed they were only that price...

They look so pretty attached to my vintage lace panel on my computer door!

The big snow we had couple weeks back...hindered registering Maxx for 4K. But we DID get it done!!!
The sign in front of school posted that it was time...(well just a couple days later... mommy and maxx...made that CLIMB...toward the front doors to school! Maddy only has one more year at Madison...then she heads off

..almost looks like mommy is RUNNING to the office to get him signed up, eh?

...we were met by the "always cheerful..and oh so sweet, ms. Lenore!

we always remember to take in a giftie for the various celebrations during the year... for ms. lenore...she is many times forgotten...

Well enough

HUGZ til next time!


vivian said...

OH you busy girl you! I just cant put my valentines away yet! too much cute stuff.. not to mention then I do have to clean and try to remember what normal looks like.. normal hasnt been here since before halloween... and then I think that was still like summer mode.. I dont think I have a normal really.
well anyways.. the bear looks cute there. but i must say, I didnt make that bear, I just repurposed him! he is a cutie though! I love the maddy swimming in the cup thing! always has been one of my favorites of your things!
well off to work I go!
hugs hugs hugs!

martha brown said...

I didn't even have time to wear half of my beautiful valentine pins this year!

Judy said...

Hey YOU!!! Have I told you lately you are a ray of Sunshine! :D

peggy gatto said...

I forgot a box of valentine art from friends that I put on a tinsil tree....just found the box!!!
Oh well, I guess "love" is o k year round!!!
ps, love my elvis bear you made for me, I see it every day!!!

Dawn said...

Love this post and seeing all your things, love that Maddy cup, too cute x

Is it cos we are getting older that the years fly by?

Dolly said...

My daughter moved to Madison for about a month and then moved back home {michigan}
she lived by wal mart....her X boyfriend manages McDonalds.

Wish I knew you lived there.....we could have met for lunch while we were there!

Smiles, Dolly

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