Monday, March 14, 2011


I can feel it in the air! but I can also see it too!!! Look at this FAT ROBIN! It was perched, singing a here comes spring song!!! This bird was the size of a PIGEON!!! WOW...SOOO READY FOR SPRING TO BE HERE.......YESTERDAY!!!

Made this little quiltie for a sweet friend of mine...but then found out I had mixed up the date...(geez..and we even lived in i SHOULD HAVE KNOWN the dates are posted differently) So we will say this ia a LOVE suprize...hee hee...

got these sweet blossoms from a vintage sale...

BIG news this that Maddy won SECOND PLACE for her science experiment!!!
Here she is by her display...and may I mention that 5 other people did pretty much the same experiment...and she WON!

Here she is receiving her ribbon from her principal...and her teacher.

Look at the pride!

I said spring is are the remnants of our snowman that the kids built just last month...I had purchased a colorful scarf from the thrift store to keep the snowman's neck warm...and hmmmmm....couple of days ago we noticed that it was GONE!

Yesterday David called from the say he had FOUND the scarf!!! We went out to see...and...YES..THERE IT WAS!

UP ON THE NEIGHBORS ROOF!!!! A squirrel had hauled it up there for his nest!!! Oh how I wish i could have watched him/her drag that up there!!! Now is appears to be hung up on a nail or it hasn't moved...

Just a moment of reminiscing...something we won't see again...

This was taken in 1979...that's my mom...and just LOOK AT THAT PRICE OF GAS..WOW...

how much is it by you!??? Here it's hovering at 3.39...



vivian said...

hi pumpkin! missing ya! wanna travel to ny to do some crafting? comeon!
gas is about 3.70 here! its higher in WNY then the rest of the states for some reason. that sucks! I remember when I was a kid and it was 35 cents a gallon!!
hope all is well! and by the way, that invitation is always open for you!

Dolly said...

I remember spending my lunch money for gas to skip school and drive around! shhhh don't tell mum! :-)

Thank you sweetpea for the wonderful comments! And much congratulations to Miss Maddy for such a great job! Hoooray rock!

You are such a sweet friend to make such a beautiful gift!

Smiles, Dolly

Judy said...

Morning Sunshine :)

Dawn said...

Hey thats my beautiful wall hanging I see...LOVE IT,

Well done to Maddy, good girl.

Poor little snowman...but the circle of life goes on and no doubt the squirrel will find a way to use that scarf...

Finally I have never seen such a FAT robin!

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