Saturday, July 30, 2011

ta! da!!!! (and a giveaway..)

sounding the trumpets...carrying on like a school girl...yep...WAY UNDERESTIMATED my bloggability...this summer... I thought for sure...this easy-going-got-NOTHING...(i snicker here) to do summer...i could prepare a long tall glass of lavender (is there ANY OTHER KIND??)ice tea...and bloggy for hours.... Well best laid plans quickly get whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooshed to the side...don't they?

Even as the saying goes...corn kneehigh by the fourth of july...didn't quite make it..but if you'd throw in there...AUGUST...we MADE IT!!!

My bits of time quickly were compacted and filled the hours...bits of time to do sewing...firefly catching...

bits of time to have babies come to play....

bits of time to watch the early nighttime hours thru the wired links in fences....

...AND Maddy's team is going to the championships in a game played at the Brewers Miller Park little League stadium! GO SLUGGERS!!!

Bits of time that if we pause too long...the dust will cover our feet..

bits of time to hold tiny Lavender babies as they slept...

...because as we all know babies have that magical way to grow ever so quickly and soon we witness them zipping by...unable to stop...them...from growing again and again...

and soon they are about to turn TEN...TEN!!!???? Where did those moments go??

just know that even with the tiniest fingers...learning..growing...exploring...with each and every gesture...they are saying

I LOVE YOU....just read into it!

can't promise...a post soon....could happen at any time...because we have to grab hold of those bits of time...and use best we can! HUGZ...til next time!

BUT....THOSE THAT LEAVE A COMMENT...WILL BE ENTERED INTO A DRAWING...FOR A SPOOKYLICIOUS...halloween ART DOLLIE....between NOW and my impending 400TH POST!!! (and that's only 3 away!!)


peggy gatto said...

Good Morning!
I would love a chance !!
I always enjoy seeing the children!!!

Tamara C said...

It is VERY selfish of me to enter this giveaway because I have so many treasures from you, my sweet SisterFriend! But I cannot let this chance go, because I am addicted to your amazing creations! Heh Heh. Love you!!!(infinity+beyond).

sandee said...

OK...I really have no right to enter since your such a good friend. HOWEVER, anything that you make (and I win) will be so appreciated in this testosterone filled home of mine! Love you!!!!!

Dawn said...

Barbara - loved this post, your words actually moved me..and yes if we stand still the dust will settle, so keep moving and enjoying you xxxx

vivian said...

dear BArbara!
You are so full of surprises! I have to admit, knowing what a generous soul you are, I wasnt really too surprised to find that you had sent gifties to us Girls at Nataleas garden weekend party! You are really such a sweet friend! thank you sooo much for the very special little wall hangings you made us! I love mine and will be looking for just the perfect place for it later tonight!
YOure the bestest!
thanks again

kandeland said...

thank you again Barb for your insane kindness and thoughtfulness! you are a one of a kind sweetheart!
So now summer is at it's peek (or is it winding down?) so I hope you are going to continue to enjoy every moment.
Happy almost-400th-post! All of your posts are delightful! And yeah, I really wouldn't mind winning this giveaway!! hehe!
Have a great week my friend! xoxo nat

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