Tuesday, August 16, 2011


funny....when i typed in the title above...and began....ALMOST....it popped up a finishing word to the line...and it read..."ALMOST SUMMER" where the heck did it go? summer that is...how do i let time slip away....and trying to remember is not as easy as it was....say....yesterday...lol...

heck...STATE FAIR IS HISTORY (that was always the signal for the new school year for me)

The kids are readying themselves for school...Maddy will be in FIFTH GRADE!!! and Sirr Maxx will begin...4K...and Xander will be in FOURTH!!! wow... I know many of you have watched them grow up on here...such technological kids... This begins the ONLY YEAR they will be together in school....for their school career... Guess that means no little brother "bothering" her...lol...or creating havoc drooling over her friends...

or perhaps...

how could he BOTHER..her...look at that "innocent smile" HA!

Maddy is coming down from a summer where her team won the West Allis championship fastpitch softball league! The got to play at the Brewers Miller park in a little league stadium where the original county stadium was.

and robbie was a volunteer assistant coach for her team..thinking he ENJOYED the championship dousing...lol

This friday is Maddy's 10th birthday...TEN YEARS...she wasn't even a month old when 9-11 happened....seems like forever...and then again...seems like a blink....

She keeps climbing to new heights..

...and maxx keeps racing along...
with his medical issues....heading in for an EMG/NCV test..on Sept 8th...it involves ALOT of "shocks" (shots) so they are sedating him...prayers needed.

Maddy and Xander will be starting a new bowling league..in september..so we went to practice a bit..

"big buddy" and fav uncle, Robbie has volunteered at the bowling center to coach the younger teams! So he came along to get a jumpstart on coaching...he is AMAZING with teaching kids...

Just over a MONTH til I head to ART-is-YOU in Connecticut!!!

..and with THIS post...THE NEXT POST WILL BE 400...and someone who has posted from the last post til the next will win a OOAK halloween art doll!!! So leave me some love...

BIG HUGZ til next time...


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Barbara Sweetie...
What a gorgeous share this morning. I love seeing that little face. Now I ask you, could he bother a BIG sister, ever? I think not. Love that photo. Good one my friend.

Loved seeing the pics of your fast pitchball winners. Gog girls. How exciting for Maddy. I know these girls worked hard to get there. Loved the dousing as well. That was priceless.

I will be keeping your sweet Maxx in my prayers. Thank goodness they can sedate him and not have to fight him for the pain involved in shots. For that I am thankful for you sweet friend.

A beautiful share. Congrats on your upcoming celebration of 400 posts. I am leaving you a comment of LOVE, so please add my name in to the list. I would SO love a doll. I can't remember the last time I received a doll of any kind.

Please stop by my blog and leave a comment. This is Miracle Makeover Celebration. We are sharing with Guideposts magazine and Design Gives Back the cancer child chosen as a makeover. Please come and meet 8 year old Charlie and his family. They will warm you heart. Each comment left on my blog will count as a 1.00 donation towards the next Miracle Makeover. We so need all the comments we can get. Please send any other bloggers over you know as well. Our goal this year is 5,000 comments between all of our blogs. The links are posted on my blog. We need your help. Country hugs sweetie from Phoenix, Sherry

martha brown said...

ONG -- they are growing up so much! I can't believe that school will be starting again so soon.... back to work for me :)

kandeland said...

yes, i can't believe the summer is inching towards a close! my daughter will be starting kindergarten- i can't believe it! enjoy those cutie-pies of yours! xo natalea

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Just meeting your kids and they look terrific! Love stories about family, will catch up as we get to "know" each other during Elizabeth's swap. xox Corrine

Lynn said...

Wow, they do grow up fast and cherish these days and moments. Both of my children are grown, my son is 28 and my daughter is 25. I miss driving them to football practice, becoming the cheerleader coach for my daughter and did this until the 6th grade when she got tired of cheering. I miss the football games on Friday nights, the softball games all thorough the week. I miss the long drives to away games. I miss volunteering for Home Coming Week. You children are adoreable. My kids were together in elementary and shared one year of high school together. Eric was a senior and Dana a freshman. She was quite popular because all the varisty football players would come and speak to her in the halls and say, hey Little E, what's up. Oh those times. I miss them. So, as a Mom to another Mom, I know it is hard with all the car pools and all the running around you have to do, but enjoy it, Time Flies by!!

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