Sunday, April 13, 2008


and it has been an enormously busy week...i've barely had time to think...but less blog...i had a bit of time to do a new banner in a quiet moment...

...yesterday was the big rummage at the high was soooooooooooo busy all day that we didn't get to leave our booths...i spent a TOTAL...of
$3.00! I got to see all the goodies walk by...IN OTHER PEOPLE'S HANDS...the next big sale is first weekend in may...of which I will be a walker byer with all the

Then this morning...the phone shattered our hubby took the call and all i could hear him saying was like "are you okay..." "did you call damien"...then i knew it was my youngest...daughter...she was robbed again...she had asked a guy for id to purchase cigarettes...and he showed her an id she did not recognize...said STATE OFFENDER across the top...she asked him if she could take the next lady in line..who wanted to purchase 6.00 worth of gas...she rang her up and the guy jumped the counter and shoved her backward and grabbed the cash from the drawer...he was angry because she questioned his id...there were 4 people in the store..(1:30 am.) and NONE OF THEM stayed around to give their statements....two were drunk and they were worried about that...the lady with the gas..went out and pumped her gas and left without finishing...(.93 short) she did show up an hour later...NOT TO GIVE A STATEMENT but to get her gas...that she didn't get...she gave a general statement...the fourth guy was in the bathroom and didn't see anything...

they do have a crystal clear pic of the guy and the whole incident...on tape...

she came by today and seems to be doing good...for the circumstances...she thinks that he was just angered and that he went home and realized just what he had done...the police said they had never heard of this type of id...for wisconsin...she got his birthdate from the id but it all came down so fast that she never got his name.

they got his fingerprints and a full footprint from the counter...

til next time.....this is all for today that this mom can take...nite


vivian said...

wow Barbara! Your poor daughter and your poor heart! How scarey. Ive always said that i would be afraid to work a register anywhere! Thank God, he didnt hurt anyone. Hopefully he will be caught!

Scrappy Jessi said...

O my, hope dhe is ok. probabaly shaken. geez, scary stuff.
i hope they catch him

Julie Brill Molina said...

That's so awful! I'm glad they got his prints though.

I hope they get him!

Michelle said...

how scary! I could never work in a convience store.I'm glad she's ok, this might be agood idea to look for another job? mabe a craft store? at least you could use her discount for craft supplies! ;0)

peggy gatto said...

Barb, please give her an extra big hug from me. I am so glad she is ok...understatement!!!!!!

sammy said...

What a terrify experience for your daughter and a heart stopper for you and your hubby.... Am so glad that God was looking after her!

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

Blessings that she was safe!Good girl!LOVE LOVE LOVE TO yOU


Maija said...

Too scarey, Barb- can we get her a new job?!?!?!

Dawn said...

years ago I worked on a petrol forecourt and I was held up too...scary so I know how your daughter is feeling, give her a hug!

Love your new banner, wonderful

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