Tuesday, October 28, 2008

totally tuesday...

it snowed yesterday! the air was white with flakes...and it looked sooo pretty...now if it could only snow when it was like 70 degrees...it's sooooo cold! we caught a couple of flakes on film...

here they are on shannons coat sleeve...

and here they are in the air...(they are all those scratchy looking lines that fill the pic...

and here are the tiny flecks of white on the grassy area...mixed with the fall leaves

took hoops and yoyo on an adventure to gander mountain...(big sporting goods store...that i thought they'd like to see..and learn a bit about the great wisconsin outdoors in the fall....and besides....I HAD A COUPON FOR $20.00 OFF ANY PURCHASE...!!! and couldn't pass THAT up!) The pair just took off and had fun exploring the store..(Had to ask 4 people permission, (noone knew what to say and I was beginning to get worried that it would be something that would have to be written in triplicate and filed months in advance..lol) to photographically document the visit...guess they don't get much call for these kind of things...)

yoyo and hoops...(yoyo is having anxieties about always being listed last..so henceforth..i shall TRY to remember to address Yoyo FIRST..) found a couple of sweet backpacks and had to model them for the customers...while they perused the weekly ad...

"oh, hoops, just look at all this stuff!!!"

"...is this a spa too? Look at the SIZE of this TANNING BED!!!!

"so, in Wisconsin, people still head out to the woods in this cold? "

"think i found us a perfect size tent, hoops"

but did you SEE that snow, Yoyo? (scroll back up if you missed it) i hear we need something called camoflage clothes..so we blend in with the surroundings and keep warm. To which Yoyo replied, "So let me get this straight, hoops, I understand these pants and the color because they DO blend in well....

(can you seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee us? are we blennnnnnnnding?)


"WHAT DOES IT BLEND IN WITH? looks like our brains are BLAZING!!!"

"so when some of these people go into the woods..they go for deer!!! (don't know why they have to go into the cold woods...lookie here...we found one wandering in the long underwear (ooops, meant to say,..."u-n-m-e-n-t-i-o-n-a-b-l-e" section.."

"...(SIDENOTE...NOT A SMOOTH RIDE AT ALL) wonder if he flies! like rudolph does?)"

"There was mention of something called ICE FISHING too...
hmmmm, Yoyo, ain't that what we do in the fish stick section? guess not..just look at the size of this lure!...how big are these things?"

"geez..we could eat for a year catchin something THAT big, Yoyo!"

"hee hee...Hee hee...lookie at these toupees we found!"

"think anyone would recognize us?"

the pair bid adieu to the store but had to pose in front (with a bit of "height help" from David) (david was "shy" and didn't want his face shown..lol..guess the guys at the plumbers local just wouldn't understand...lol and he DOES need a job..

All in all it was a busy day for the two visitors...they capped off the day with a rousing game of checkers

then a bit of tv and off to bed...YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWN...it was an exhausting day!



vivian said...

you crack me up! I'm glad hoops and yoyo are having such a good time visiting you! I love all the pictures, especially the one of them riding the deer and the one of them blennnnnddddinggg in in the camo!!

sandee said...

Damn near peed my pants with the toupee photo!!! Looks like they had a rip roaring time at the Burkard homestead!

BTW...where did they ever find a tent THAT SMALL???

peggy gatto said...

hey ya barb, I jsut got back last nite from oaxaca....boy, do I have a lot of fun pics of the guys to put on their blog! I will get busy this week and post them!!!
Thanks for being such a grascious hostess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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