Monday, November 10, 2008

monday all day!

today we bid adeiu to YOYO AND HOOPS...

last friday we visited the hallmark store in the mall and the guys bought me a new HOOPS AND YOYO TSHIRT..(said to put it on their tab...and peggy would be okay with that...hee the wonderful sales associate, Brittany, was only too happy to oblige... The shirt has the guys picture on the i could remember them...(and not be confused with the guys that live here..with us!)


...AND AS MADDY WOULD PUT IT...look, nonnie they are in A B B A pattern!!! (the girl LOVES MATH)

OR IN A B A B pattern!

and here piddle had to jump in for the group shot....

...after some HUGZ....they were on their way to caryl's house!
added some cheese head hats...and their tutu's and they trick or treat costumes AND TREATS (yoyo ate his...but hoops took his along for the journey)

hope you guys had a good time!!!! we sure did!!!

had a long day at work...came home to finish up this 8 x 8 spread for my color me silly group...
The theme is winter in a blue/silver theme....

left side...

right side...

then i worked on a new bracelet in pink...and swavorski crystals...

snapped this pic of he had visions of sugarplums...(he HAD to read this toy paper) and find the CARS...AND THOMAS CHOO CHOOS AND MANNY STUFF...LOL

but then again...he did have to help papa rake all these leaves!


well it's off to bed for me...HUGZ til next time!


peggy gatto said...

sniff, sniff.....will post to their blog!
Thanks for having them in your warm, cozy home with your warm cozy family!!!!!

vivian said...

I think its so cute that you played hostess to hoops and yoyo! how much fun! I just love that little maxx! he does look a bit perplexed doesnt he?
your artwork is stunning as usual!
have a sweet day my friend!

The Rose Room said...

They are having a real adventure with you! Love the bracelet and I don't think I have ever seen so many leaves in one place! Rachaelxo

Elizabeth said...

Hey Barb!
Love these pictures of Maxx!! He is such a cutie- capture all of these sweet moments that you can!!!
I love the snoman with Bluebird in your sidebar! Did you create that????
Just love it!!
Big Hugs Girlie!

jillian said...

Maxx is just adorable! I love your artwork as well, so pretty!

Fran said...

hoops & yoyo are cute. What a fun story.
Beautiful bracelet and the Blue/Silver art work piece is wonderful. FANTASTIC creations.

Maxx is adorable and cute as can be.

Kai said...

OOOOOOOOH! I LOVE Hoops & Yoyo! They are my faves!!!! I also think your Maxx couldn't BE any more adorable! And Barbara, your bracelet is stunning! So is the artwork! It's just a BLAST visiting your blog! said...

Oh that bracelet turned out really cute that you were showing me in the Bead and Button mag. Pink is really hard to photograph for some reason? Thank you for the compliment on my blog about the purple heart bracelet. I'm sure I'll see you soon at Michaels. Going to try out my bead baking rack now hehe

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