Sunday, December 28, 2008

windshield notes...

how many times have you been to a store or mall and come back to find that people have left flyers to promote their business under the blade of your windshield wiper...or (gasp...that they "accidentally" bumped into your car..and it had relayed their you after they couldn't find you...does that happen?) well shannon and kevin were at the mall...and they came back to find a yellow blockbuster ad under the windshield wiper...but they noticed that something had been scrawled on the back of it...

They have a iraq veteran flag on the back of their van and a "proud wife of a soldier" ribbon also...several times we have been stopped by people in parking lots to thank us for kevins service..but to have someone stop and leave a note...was really a wonderful moment!

big hugz and thanks to all the veterans...and their families!

hugz and love til next time


peggy gatto said...

Wow! Surprises come in the strangest ways! I gues that's why they call them "surprises"!!!

sandee said...

Thank goodness there really are people out there who can appreciate what Kevin does and how much Shannon sacrifices. I wish everyone could be that cognizant of what is truly happening in our world!

The Rose Room said...

That is so nice! Rachaelxo

Sophie Rose Designs said...

That's awesome!! It's good to know that there's people out there who really appreciate our troops and all they sacrifice for our country!
Hope you have a great New Year's!! :)


Elizabeth said...

Angels are everywhere!! What a wonderful world we would have if everyone would stop and let each now how very much they are appreciated!!!!!! The families of our soldiers are the forgotten ones- it looks like that might FINALLY be changing !!! Hugs TO ALLL of you !!
Elizabeth said...

Random acts of kindness just mean so much!

vivian said...

how nice! I wish I was more thoughtful of a person then I am... We should all be more like that!
and I say thank you to Kevin too!

Villa Luftslottet said...

I wish you and yours a happy new year and a wonderful evening:)
Big hugs form me to you:)

Tamara C said...

That is so awesome...!

I've been trying to listen to your whole message for days but get too emotional because of those sweet voices! Just know I love you and adore you and all the happiness just makes my heart spingle all over! And all of it, everything, happened because YOU are a beautiful, giving, loving, generous and wonderful woman!!!

Here's to 2009 being the most fantastic year yet! It can only get better, right?! :)

Sparkling Fairy Dust Hugs, Tam

a-bohemian-market said...

Greetings Barbara:
What a GREAT note to be left on the windshield!!!
I am leave the same one to you in the virtual sense.
Long time, no hear : (
I am back with a new blog (I use to be scoundrels and rogues) and trying to become a merchant on etsy : )
Your blog looks good; fresh!!!
Come say hi when you have a moment.
Take care and I am glad to be back.

kayla said...

You have a great blog, happy new year, i look forward to reading more from you.

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