Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Great start to the week....SUN IS SHINING...BREEZES ARE GENTLY BLOWING....IT'S 75 DEGREES...AND...

went to the flea market this morning...and did our first sweep thru...(this isn't a big flea market..just locals..selling their fun stuff) and got a couple of things...i got a train case for a dollar...(will be perfect for a stash of THE SECOND SWEEP THRU...there laying in a bucket..were these!!!

oh what a happy camper am I!!!

...the guy wasn't going to put them out...said they were too said they were vintage..french manniquin parts...AND she has an intact full one at home!!! that she was considering parting with...gave her my name and number just in case...

wonder what this "extra pair of arms" set me back? Do ya really want to know? hmmmm...FIFTY CENTS EACH!!! i'm going to wrap some wire around the connector discs and they will hang really perfect!!!

We dvr'd the disney movie, PRINCESS PROTECTION PROGRAM...from the other nite...and when the movie opens...they alligator...(to which maxx responded..."allimagator!!" then they showed an Egret...(to which maxx responded "BIG BIRDIE!!" then they showed a turtle...(to which maxx responded, "turtle!!")


then they showed a closeup of a which maxx responded..."look, nonnie, a....a....a....FAIRY!!!"...THAT'S MY BOY!!! hee hee

of course the "other" baby...went swimming with his friends yesterday...(has he ever heard of SUNSCREEN???!!!!) OH THE MOANING GOING ON TODAY...AND THE BLUE GOO HE'S GONE THRU...(aloe vera) ((at 20 years old...ya think he'd know by now...after all the years of the sunburn sunscreen talks...)) UGH!!!

don't ya just want to pat him on the back??????

it IS a GORGEOUS day today...enjoy yours!

hugz til next time!


peggy gatto said...

"to arms, to arms"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
98 here!
check out my tea party on my blog, I think maddie and max will enjoy it too!

Tamara C said...

OMG! What a great find in the arms! Cannot wait to see what you do with them! Wheeeee!

And Maxx - I adore him! I SO want to steal the Food Maxx sign from the grocery store in town to send him! Heh Heh!

And, really, what is there to say about Robbie's burnt back? You know boys NEVER listen to their mothers after the age of 12. Sigh. But as someone who once sunbathed with a friend (dark skinned Portugese) by using COOKING OIL and paid a huge, blister filled price - I have some sympathy for the boy!

Now, I must eat because I'm going to fain from hunger! LOVE YA COOKIE! Love, Tam

Maija said...

Delightfully creepy arms, Barb! Can't wait to see what you do!

vivian said...

so just what might you do with those arms girlfriend?
yeah.. pat your son on the back with a" way to go kid!" Poor thing!
and maxx? Well, I just love him to pieces!
have a great week!

maggiegracecreates said...

Long time reader - but not a frequent commentor. Tell Swimmer boy to try some baby powder with cornstarch instead of the blue goo. A friend of mine told me about it because her daughter is alllergic to the blue stuff - it works.

Kids never seem to listen --

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