Wednesday, June 24, 2009

is it hot enough for you?

...these sweet blooms are thriving in this heat!!! Can't you just smell them?

... been in the 90's...with bright blue hot hot...
got the living and dining room painted...looks really nice...we cleaned the floor in the dining room with some new product and then put a coat of shine on it and despite the icky dark marks from when the tank leaked all doesn't look onto the living room floor with the same!!!

Made three diaper cakes...

a single tiered one:

a double tiered one:

and a triple tiered one:

Also created a little floral display for a friend of my mom's...

i had to handsew the kitty because the presserfoot of my sewing machine was missing in action...(has been found...only after putting out an apb (all presserfoot bulletin) on it...)

Caught maddy doing a bit of serious thinking...(love zoom lenses...)

listed and will be listing some goodies on ebay...

finding extra stuff that we just have no room for...

set of Enesco rooster salt pepper shakers:

lovely Goebel statue:

set of three vintage pictures...the large one has a domed glass on the picture:

then there are two little ones that are silk:

some flower earrings:

and pins:

these are up and running:

also finished up my contribution for Heather's Summer Hair Accessory swap...

here are the close ups...'s still hot...earlier today the kids thought it was a good idea for some ice cream...

now off to bed...

hugz and love...til next time!!!


Elizabeth said...

Hey There Energizer Bunny!!!
Sounds like you are on a really good roll!! i ahve some painting to be done at my house, how about a visit to DC??????? Int eh summer heat- great time to come:) NOT!!!!!
Love all of the pictures!! i am going to send a friend over to check out your flowerr jewelry- she loves that stuff- so do I but she has the $

vivian said...

what cute little barrettes! I'm glad your fixing the house up and making it nice for yourself. What did you use on your wood floors?
cute pictures of maddy.. and maxx!

Debby said...

WOW!!! You are so darned busy, don't know how you do it. It is way too hot!!! I hate it. The kids are getting so big and they are so sweet. Love your cakes and the barrettes are fun.

The Diaper Baker said...

Love the diaper cakes and the floral arrangement you made. Great job!!

Maija said...

Do you think Maddie might be willing to give me a lick of her cone???? It looks so yummy!
Your diaper cakes are so amazing!

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