Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sunny fall day...

temperature is a bit chilly but no complaints here! Temps this week are hovering in the 50's with promises of 60's thursday and friday!

Maxx and I had a bit of a fall walk...he loves to scoot his feet in the leaves...

mother nature left us a carpet of them to scoot in...

Today after long anticipation...it was time to CUT THE PUMPKIN...

had to think about it for a minute...(i think maxx thinks he has a goatee...lol)

...nonnie, i LOVE this pumpkin! he said, then gave it a hug...
(had to have him recreate the hug as i didn't have the camera ready..lol..oooops...)

nonnie, what is that stuff!!!?

...and look it's a hat too! (my sweet little punkin head!)

he reached in (with a bit of persuasion) and got this teeny tiny piece of pumpkin guts!

(look close for that little piece between his fingers!)

...goin in for seconds...

and pretty soon.....(time elapsed for blogging...)


(with a little help...) a MAXX pumpkin!

Maddy will do hers when she is home from school later!

We got our fall school pictures...oh how they grow!!!

Xander (second grade)

Maddy (third grade) her hair looks short but it is actually braided up in the back!

Thanks to everyone who sent us license plates for maxx's room! It is coming along nicely! (If anyone has any we have lots of room for more!!!) and we put the persons names on the backs so we know where they came from...!!


me: honey, can you vacuum the house?

david: sure!

Me: (hears leaf blower going) NOT THAT HOUSE!!!

gotta love him....

So i was on craigslist and have been looking for a pair of swivel rockers for my dining room as a reading area...with a little table between...some comfy little place for quiet...and found these....1960 retro chairs...

they had been listed at the beginning of the month and i was worried that perhaps they would be gone..already and had been forgotten to be removed from the listing..well the gentleman emailed me to say they were still available and he REALLLY NEEDED TO GET RID OF THEM...and WITHOUT ASKING I COULD HAVE THEM FOR HALF PRICE!!!! Going to pick them up thursday!!! woo hoooooo!!!
hugz til next time!!!


vivian said...

great pictures. your grandbabies are getting so big. Its nice that you are always there for them!
I like to scuff my feet in the leaves too!

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,
aaww the kids are getting so big. they are so cute.
love the hubby story too.
so true.

sarah said...

love the fall pics and your little cuties...


Patti G. said...

just popping in to say hello and wish you a HAPPY Halloween!
LOVE your owl ornies, and your chairs from Craigs List and the grandkids are BEYOND adorable, with their pumpkins! Your mer-maid...to die for......cannot wait to hear she is arted up and altered! Sending hugs!

Dawn said...

can't believe how they are growing, loving Maxx's pumpkin - he sure had fun! love Miss Maddy's photos :-)

and now I know why you were raving about your chairs, they are fab baby!

Postal strikes here, big backlog, but Maxx will get his plates when I know they won't get lost in the system!

Laura Haviland said...

What little cutie's, how proud you must be. Thanks for sharing.
Really great picture's, such treasure's.
Hugs, Laura.
Happy Halloween !!!

The Rose Room said...

Jeepers creepers, those babies are growing!!! They are precious! Great newsy post Barb, love David 'vacumning' the house - lol!!! And the chairs - SCORE!!! Rachaelxo

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