Friday, September 3, 2010

Got the urge and i just want to SHARPEN...

...a couple of pencils and bite into a big juicy apple!!! (whooops that was for the teacher!) It's definitely back to school time!!! we went from temps in the 90's to highs in the 60's thus far this week!!!!

...and a rainy start to the school year as
Maddy begins grade 4.....

...and Xander begins 3rd!

Maxx will be in a preschool beginning in a couple of weeks...

Right now he is battling a sore we went to see a pediatric bone specialist...and was diagnosed with Transient Sinovitis. Poor baby has to take it easy..for a bit...(just trying to keep a three year old down...seems like an undaunting task....) but he has been just sitting around....asking to ride in the cart...NOT NORMAL...but while we battle our own little "storm" with Maxx...we need to

Keep those on the east coast in our thoughts...with the impending visit from big bag of wind UNCLE EARL....and now hearing about an earthquake in New Zealand!!!! BE SAFE MY FRIENDS!!! BE SAFE!!!...

My robbie called from work today to say he had to redirect his route..because there was police tape blocking the area...and found out there was a shooting at a local school....people at his next stop (in the same area) heard a machine gun sound...coming from that area....

Offering lots of extra prayers to all those out the world...that may need an extra one...or yourself...

Got to go to one of my FAVORITE places for fabric today...PATCHED WORKS I went in looking for ONE KIND OF FABRIC....AND YES!!!! They had more in!!!! SOCK MONKEY FABRIC!!! It was the brown knit looking fabric I was looking for...and decided to pick up have a couple of outfits in the works...and that sock monkey fabric will look fabulous with this little hat (also doing BIG hats

I've been making little girlie outfits...but this sock monkey fabric will also work for boys...oh yes...project in the works!!! Stay tuned!

This little gold fishie dress boasts a giant fishbowl pocket!

And this little back to school dress is quite appropriate for the season!!!

and with OWLS being so in fashion right now...

and finishing with a bit of a little lady...

Hope you all enjoyed your visit..thanks for stopping...and come back again real soon!!!

Hugz til next time!


Kerin Lee said...

Hi Mom! I've been doing a LOT of homework!! ;)

Did you make the sock monkey hat? Gracie needs one. How much? lol We'll model it!!


vivian said...

hi Barb, wow youve been busy! lots of cute stuff. Love that sock monkey hat! is that doll sized? I hope maxx is ok. poor little cutie pie...should not have to have any pain in his sweet little life.
have a great weekend!

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

I love the owl and ladybug outfit! So cute!

I found you through the Weekend Winddown blog hop! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

martha brown said...

I love these darling dresses! And I can't believe how cold it is. I have all of these new summer skirts that I made for back to school and now I can't wear them. Well, maybe with long johns.....

peggy gatto said...

what fun things you have been busy making!!!
Give maxx an extra hug from auntie peg!

Tell maddy, maxx and zander that my wonderful
"best Fishes" card is right by my work desk!!!
I love it!

Maija said...

I can't believe Maddy is in 4th grade already!! I've watched her grow up!!!
Poor little Maxx. I read that rest is really all you can do until the pain passes. So sorry the little guy has to endure this!
Your dresses are lovely!

Wendy said...

I love the owl and ladybird dresses! I need to learn to make clothes so I can whip some up!

Kerin Lee said...

Hi Mom ;)
I have a friend that may be able to make Gracie a tutu to match the Sock monkey hat. I've been trying to find someone to do it either free for her to model or at a reasonable price before getting the hat. You said 15.00 right? Could we trade? Did you get the Bumblebee BabyLegs yet you were waiting on? I could trade those and throw in a couple bows. It's up to you! Just let me know!

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