Tuesday, June 24, 2008


How is everyone?
Love the messgages that people have been posting on my fridge above! Kind of like having family pop by and stick a message that they stopped by the house while i was out!

I worked on some art this last weekend (a tiny bit behind on a few...but with the water in the basement it took a bit to clean up and that took precedence...)

first theme is famous movie couples...so natch i had to do LUCY! Oh how i spent many hours growing up glued to the set...

next set of pages have a retro school feel...i used all vintage papers and goodies to embellish the pages!

Next page if for a fabric page book group...theme is home is where the heart is!

front of page....

back of page....

Yesterday i was finishing up the house page above and miss maddy wanted to use her barbie sewing machine...well...the barbie machine just doesn't work well...and i remember getting frustrated with it myself...so i just told maddy that she could use MY machine...so she sat down and i gave her some tips...and let her have at it...she cut out some house shapes and worked to sew them up!

and here are her finished houses! today we are going to decorate them...with fabric and bits of laces...

Last nite we went for maddy's soccer game and the coach's assistant didn't arrive...the kids were a bit restless so kevin took them out on the field and started to warm them up...VOILA...WE HAVE A NEW SOCCER ASSISTANT...


and he even ties shoes!!!

maddy has a friend on the team...he was in her class this last year!
We teased her a bit...and she responded that patrick was her FRIEND!...

and of course sirr maxx was there to root on the team....(and run on the field every chance he got...after all why should maddy get to play with that ball...and now daddy was there too!!!!! humph!

also made this bracelet...for ms patti...THIRD TIME WILL BE THE CHARM FOR THIS ONE! LOL Patti won my blog giveaway...and the first bracelet i sent one of the beads broke...so i made another and it is lost in postal land...so this one is GOING TO MAKE IT TO HER...LOL



Jan & Tom's Place said...

Hi Barbara,

It's always so much fun reading your blogs - about EVERYTHING and seeing all your lovely projects and family outings!!


The Rose Room said...

Fun blackboard! Maddy and Maxx are too cute! As always fantastic creations:) Rachael

Maija said...

I love all of your pages, Barb!

Dawn said...

Great pics of Maddy playing fussball lol - great game, I love it!!
And your art as usual is wonderful love the vintage school one and the lucy. Maddy is going to be like you and be a good sewer...

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