Saturday, June 28, 2008

at the end of the rainbow....

the sky blackened
the clouds rumbled
the water was washing the canvas of air
as the sun stumbled

and spilled paint from the heavens upon the earth

david didn't get called back for the job...well not yet..but since they wanted him to start monday...

....there will be another MORE PERFECT job...just know it...

this rainbow was across the street from our house yesterday...good things coming!!!

hugz and love!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hello everybody!!!!

Mail came this morning...KALEIGH PASSED HER MANAGERS TEST SO SHE CAN NOW BECOME A LICENSED SALON MANAGER!!!! She has worked so long and hard for this! Now she can manage a salon or rent a chair or create her own business!!!! WOOO HOOOOOO!!!!...

She moves into her new apartment tommorrow and this weekend! another WOOO HOOOOOO!!!


He goes in to see them in the morning!!! Holding our breath til then but things thus far per the phone conversation look GOOD!!!!

I finished up my pendants for the Jewels of the sea swap on Speckled-egg

I felted the base of each diamond (SOME people may think it's a square but this is JEWELS...of the I tipped it on point and it's a diamond!)
i used 5 different kinds of fibers and wool for the felted base in sea colors then i added a shell and a vintage pearl then glass cobalt beads I finished off the backside with batiked fabric and to finish off the edge i shirred some silk ribbons for the edging....I added a beaded loop at the tip of the diamond for a chain or cording or? I am going to include some matching shells with each pendant in case someone wants to use them in the necklace or maybe earrings!

hugz til later...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


How is everyone?
Love the messgages that people have been posting on my fridge above! Kind of like having family pop by and stick a message that they stopped by the house while i was out!

I worked on some art this last weekend (a tiny bit behind on a few...but with the water in the basement it took a bit to clean up and that took precedence...)

first theme is famous movie natch i had to do LUCY! Oh how i spent many hours growing up glued to the set...

next set of pages have a retro school feel...i used all vintage papers and goodies to embellish the pages!

Next page if for a fabric page book group...theme is home is where the heart is!

front of page....

back of page....

Yesterday i was finishing up the house page above and miss maddy wanted to use her barbie sewing machine...well...the barbie machine just doesn't work well...and i remember getting frustrated with it i just told maddy that she could use MY she sat down and i gave her some tips...and let her have at it...she cut out some house shapes and worked to sew them up!

and here are her finished houses! today we are going to decorate them...with fabric and bits of laces...

Last nite we went for maddy's soccer game and the coach's assistant didn't arrive...the kids were a bit restless so kevin took them out on the field and started to warm them up...VOILA...WE HAVE A NEW SOCCER ASSISTANT...


and he even ties shoes!!!

maddy has a friend on the team...he was in her class this last year!
We teased her a bit...and she responded that patrick was her FRIEND!...

and of course sirr maxx was there to root on the team....(and run on the field every chance he got...after all why should maddy get to play with that ball...and now daddy was there too!!!!! humph!

also made this bracelet...for ms patti...THIRD TIME WILL BE THE CHARM FOR THIS ONE! LOL Patti won my blog giveaway...and the first bracelet i sent one of the beads i made another and it is lost in postal this one is GOING TO MAKE IT TO HER...LOL


Friday, June 20, 2008

happy friday evening...

Just a moment of say that i just listed some vintage architectural door knobs and door knob plates...on ebay...see them here...

Maddy started soccer the other oh my you can tell she's a girl did alot of prancing and dance moves...not totally in what the game is about...but she looked soo graceful and bouncy on the half of her team has played before and tended to hog the ball...and her coaches are new this year (hmmm at one point over heard them ask when a corner kick was in be an interesting season...main thing is that SHE HAD FUN...they even let her be goalie for awhile! the girl CAN

here is one of her coaches...

finally got that toothless pic of maddy's lost tooth downloaded...

and we were at the local home improvement store checking out new roofing for shannon and kevins roof...we discovered that we have no worries...



Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Posting a bit late today...i finished up my row houses for paper whimsy...

tonite we have our first soccer practice! (she's been wearing her soccer shin guards for almost an hour already...she's soo ready to

be back a bit later!

hugz til then

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

tiger by the tail!

BIG NEWS!!! ..............MADDY LOST HER FIRST TOOTH!!!! little one on the bottom! She still has another wiggly one directly above the one that fell out...(last time at the dentist, she said that maddy had 6 teeth that were loosening up ready to phone the tooth fairy! The wet weather has slowed and the grass has dried a we went over to shannon and kevin's yesterday to attempt to mow thru the new growth!...Maxx is enjoying his new found "i'm going out in the backyard to play" freedom!...the boy loves his bat and ball..but his GOLF SET IS HIS FAVORITE...
...he checks his distance

...makes contact with the ball
...checks his stance

.....YEAH!!! (the crowd goes WILD!!!! !)

...hey where did it go?

...another day on the back 9!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

good morning!!!! happy FATHER'S DAY!

Oh happy Sunday! Hope all is well and calm in blogland! Wanted to wish all the dads a Happy fathers day today!
I made this card for Xander to give to his daddy then he colored a picture on the inside!

And wanted to wish Debbie, my niece, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Won't say how many this is...hee hee...won't say as it's not as many as

We think it may be the bright yellow color ....

.....or maybe it's the PUCKER POWER!


School is now officially out...!!!!! So it's baseball and soccer time...and the pools are open for the season!

well off to celebrate fathers day!!!

big hugz and love!

Friday, June 13, 2008


couple of up days!!!! thank you all for your positive notes AND PRAYERS!!!..WELL ZIP! BAM!!! POW!!! (rememeber the old batman shows where the 'action' was written out?) as you know this area has had huge amounts of rain...whole houses washed away... we had a rummage...(day started out a bit damp...) but it cleared up like someone wanted us to do well!!!!

...tonite shannon and kevin went home and they found insulation in their back david went over to "investigate"...they say when it rains it pours? (no pun intended..but it fits...) some how...a hole has been punctured in shannon and kevins roof!!!!!!! don't know how it happened...size of a large grapefruit...and with all the rain...concern that the water has run down into the walls...luckily nothing is stored in that part of the attic...but we can't determine what has been done within the walls...and now the fear is that squirrels will find their way we temp..sealed it off...but a new roof is in other choice...


Wednesday, June 11, 2008



Maddy went in to Children's hospital yesterday for a cat scan...

Her "blanket" only stays at home on her bed...but today she felt the overwhelming need to bring it along...(she never clung to a blanket outside of bedtime even as a always was tucked under her pillow at home)
...she was sooo scared...the nurses were just FANTASTIC! They told her that the used magic sprinkles and turned it into magic lotion to put on her arm where the IV would go and it would make it not hurt...she was doubtful...

Nurse Kelly brought in some fun things to distract her...and she also brought in pictures of the xray room to show her what it looked like before she went in...

when she got into the xray room they put a teddy bear on the bed and showed them just what they needed her to do with the bear...

and pretty soon it was all over...THE MAGIC LOTION WORKED PERFECTLY...and because she was a brave soul she got TWO treats! an xray sticker and a glow in the dark anklet!

the cat scan showed it was an enlarged lymph node and just something we have to watch...
what a wild ride...the tides are turning sweeties..the tides are turning...


one of my sweet valentines

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garden fairy purse

garden fairy purse



white bracelet

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