Friday, January 11, 2008


seems like we were still playing the waiting game...kevin was in kuwait and we had been walking the malls (dr. orders) for weeks...!!!


keep reading as there is a heartfelt birthday giveaway involved!


Well on to art! I'm hostessing a quilted heart pin (broach) swap on one of my groups and the heart pins are rolling in! I finished mine last nite...


They are felted on vintage upholstery fabric...with a bit of antique lace...beaded with glass beads...bit of quilting...heart shaped shell button...and i added a leather back....



because i know there are lots of my sweet blogger angels out there that aren't in this group...i decided in honor of my sweet little bug's birthday that anyone that posts a comment midnight...I will draw a name and send one of my pins to that person!

and another giveaway! hop over to

such sweet kids clothing! they are having a giveaway too!!!


HUGZ AND LOVE til next time!!!


Tamara C said...

First, I am a horrible Granny for not getting a present to Prince Maxx on time! Please give him a big hug and smoochie from me and tell him I really do love him dearly!! Second, PLEASE pick my name for this awesome pin! Wow! Your work never fails to amaze me, dear friend! Third, what group are you hosting this on??!! I need some new groups to join! heh heh! And lastly, I hope you have a wonderful day filled with fairy wings tickling your nose and maxx kisses filling your heart!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Maxx!!! I feel so lucky to have met you in person last April :) Hope you have a fabulous day, sweet boy!!!

Love and hugs,


sandee said...

Happy Birthday to MAXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!
And what a lucky boy he is to have a grandma like you!!!!

Hope it's a great day for all!

Birthday love and smooches!

Genevieve Olsen said...

Pick me, pick me! I always think about donkey in Shrek when I hear that! Happy Birthday sweet baby

Maija said...

Happy Birthday, Maxx! The heart pins are beautiful, Barb!

Judy said...


Big Birthday Huggies Double x

carylsrealm said...

Happy Birthday Maxx (however, I don't know about the Packers thing...LOL) Second, we have to wait that long for Cinco De Mayo? Third, Love your pins!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!!
You know I would flip for this cool pin!!!!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Happy Happy Birthday to little Maxx!! Hope he has a blast!! Hopefully you'll share pictures of his with cake in hand...or would that be cake on hands :)

Your hearts are BEAUTIFUL!!! You know I'd love to win a Beautiful piece of ART from you dear friend!

Dottie Lou's said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Maxx!!! I love the pins Barbara :)
Hope 2008 treats ya good!
Sarah ;) (Dottie Lou)

Mija said...

WAH!!! a year old, Maxx you're growing too fast! before you know it you'll be as big as your sissy. and that smile is going to be a lady killer. he he Happy Happy birthday little bug!

Barb, you know how i love felt and your Yummy heart pins are no exception! beautifully done friend.

altho, i think i should be excluded from this give away cuz i just won the Jackpot Barb supreme banner which is like 10 prizes in one! :-D Good luck to everyone!


catieann said...

oh barbara
where does the time go? Isn't it a special God given privilege to have grand children in our lives?
The heart pins are so pretty I want one!

Carol ~ Spirit's Journey Designs said...

Barb,the vintage valentine pins are so lovely! Since there is an S on it and my last name starts with S...OH, and my business name starts with only stands to reason, that it should be mine! LOL I would wear it every day!

Happy birthday to the luckiest little boy who is one year old today and celebrates with his wonderful creative Grandma!

Debby said...

Happy birthday Maxx!!!
Your heart pins are gorgeous Barb!!!

Debby said...

There are some amazing giveaways going on right now! I just wanted to say how pretty your hearts are, but please don't enter me, I have gotten more than my fair share of beautiful things from you, let someone else share the love!

happy birthday to the lil guy!

peggy gatto said...

Hey max....HAPPY 1st!
Hey, love the pins!!!!!
hey maddie....hi to you too!

Patti G. said...

Happy Birthday sweet Maxx, annnnnnnnd I feel guilty posting because I am on the group and had no time to do this swap! YOUR pins are faaaaabulous Barb, as all your artwork is! Please include me if you are soooo inclined! <3
Also, your scrapbook page of Maxx is beyond cute!!!! Love it!

Paula said...

Happy Birthday to you ...
Happy Birthday to you ...
Happy Birthday sweet little Maxx!
Tell grandma to PICK ME TOO!


craftyhala said...

Happy Birthday to Maxx. He's a cutie.
Your pins are cute as well. I've never felted, however would like to try sometime. It looks like fun.

christygrant said...

These are so adorable (the pins and you know I adore the children). I can't believe little Maxx is one either. Look at that red hair! They are so beautiful and I'm so glad they are all together!

vivian said...

aww, maxx is adorable! as are your cute felted hearts! Ive been making a lot of valentines stuff lately for all my swaps! I'll keep you posted on the doll swap. I just havent had a minute to plan out details.. but theres no hurry anyways! well add me to your give away list! I'd love to have another piece of your wonderful artwork!

barbara burkard said...


The Rose Room said...

Happy Birthday little Maxx you are as cute as a button.
Pick me, pick me, I NEED a heart:)

Janine said...

What a cutie Maxx is! The pins are gorgeous Barb! Well done!

Diane said...

Happy B-day to your little guy! (my little guys b-day is Sunday, and he just graduated from college!) I had to come and say hi after I saw the packer t shirt! I grew up in Cedar Grove Wisconsin, don't know if that is anywhere near you or not, but on the slim chance it is - greetings from an old Wisconsinite! I am now a Michigander, but still have family in my little Dutch town. And you also make lovely pins, very nice work!

Diane - from Michigan

Dawn said...

How wonderful celebrating a 1st birthday and all those 1st milestones up to that point. Happy Birthday to Max.
The heart pins are amazing, what a great swap that will be.
Take care and don't eat too much birthday cake!!

Beth Leintz said...

Love Maxx's tshirt! What a cutie!

The heart pins really intrique me- can you show us more of how you felt?- so pretty!

Kelly Snelling said...

happy, happy birthday little mister one year old!! i'm waiting for the requisite picture of him covered in birthday cake. :0) and i think i missed the drawing. shucks. those are lovely hearts, barb.

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