Monday, May 19, 2008


...does that sound OMINOUS? Going to see the surgeon this morning at 10:20...(cue that music again..."da dEE dum dum") hope he giggles at the Harold anyone that is my surgeon MUST have a sense of humor...(wait til i show him that i have three sets of boobs...(well he ain't seeing one set...) but gotta love excess skin that droops into a cascade of tiers..(maija affectionately called it her "sexy dribble"...well my "dribble" DEFINITELY NEEDS A BIB! Got the idea that it looked like i had three sets of boobs when i went for a ekg and they forgot two of the little sticky electrode thingys..and they were appropriately place on one of the tiers and they looked like an extra set of nippies!..then upon showering...full mirror..i had to giggle that it looked like i actually had three sets of don't think the technician actually thought they were boobies (hangin low..) and that's why they left the electrodes in place, do you? (gives new meaning to being a real "swinger" lol)...oh my where has THIS POST GONE!...

well i did get art done this weekend...(some over due...)

for ms. judy..(or rather hazel...) i did her mermaid book...(notice the flaming red hair miss hazel! just for YOU babe!

pages finally done for rachelle!!!

left side....

right side...

for ms. kimberly we were to paint up our face in her faces i painted a background and the superimposed a transperency over the painted background...

left side page for ms. tamara and her home theme..

right side page for ms. tamara

...and of course if i'm doing art and missy maddysen is KNOW she's gotta get in there and "work" too! so she made a page for granny tam too! Okay so first glance i noticed the "royalty" in the attic section...didn't know if they were the king and queen of the castle or if they were spirits in the attic...hey, tamara, heard any "noises" upstairs? ...then i did question the moon shape on the i was thinking..maybe it was a crest like an outhouse i WAY

"nonnie her last name is C!..." LIKE DUH...i should have KNOWN THAT! hee hee...i no way wanted to ask about the crowned ones DUH...I SHOULD ALREADY KNOW THAT... hee hee...

I sketched out rachelles second page and i have jen's angel baby 83% done and on the sewing machine ready to will be posting those pics a bit later! Remember to leave your comments!!! still jotting down all those names! comment every day for more chances!

Got the mail! oh my goodness! Look who arrived! Ms. Vivian sent me this sweet little bear for my BIRTHDAY!!! I promptly found a place for her to live! (yes she's a girl, keeping with my touch of lavender wall theme..

can you see her?
she's right there (poking finger at monitor screen) perched right on patti's art and below paula's art!

here let me zoom in a bit...
see right there?

need it a bit closer?

THANK YOU VIVIAN!!!! (and for the extra flowers! felt like i should sprinkle them about someplace to bring a bit of spring!)

and a bit more sweet lavender art is hanging from my cross from ms tamara!

the room is glowing in touches of lavender...and even the air is scented! (got a special candle from yankee LAVENDER LEMON...WOOO HOOOOO DOES IT SMELL WONDERFUL!)
sorry can't do smells thru the computer yet...(or can we...i know i'm not up to speed with all these latest

hugz til a bit later! (after the((dum dEE dum dum) surgeon)


Kari & Kijsa said...

Love these!! these are amazing!! What wonderful art!
Check out our post today for a fun freebie magazine offer!!!

kari & kijsa

Maija said...

You have been busy creating so many pretties! I love your new page layout- cool banner!

theresa martin said...

Been thinking of you all day...hope the surgery went well - let us know!

peggy gatto said...

Your pages for tamara are so MORE than perfect...fresh, colorful, whimsical....just perfect!
Love TINY bear from viv!
Your humor will get you through the next weeks AND the prayers and wishes of your many friends.

vivian said...

aww! I'm glad you like her! I love your sense of humor Barb! You crack me up... Does your husband consider himself lucky with all those sets of boobs!?
I know you'll be fine. Ya just cant keep Harold hanging around! I'll be keeping you in my prayers!!

Tamara C said...

The pages from you and Maddysen arrived yesterday and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! You are just the coolest, most talented friend EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much - I will treasure these beauties forever!!!!!!

Are you nervous about the removal of Harold? I know you are going to be ok because you have lots of angels looking out for you!!!!!

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