Friday, May 23, 2008

when the door is slammed... soon til a window opens? Is today friday? been somewhat of a say the least...had to cancel harold's removal...i think he just wants to stick around a bit longer...went to get my glasses tightened...and they stripped the screw so now the bow doesn't hold on...(getting out that E6000...) then this morning my hubby left for work and not more than 2 hours later...he came home...with the car and in his regular clothes..(this is NOT a good thing..somewhat unusual) work has been slow but he ususally comes home in his work uniform and his work truck...

.....he was let go...after 12 years...with the company...

..he called in to the union and there are 70 guys waiting for jobs...the girl did say that last month the total was things ARE LOOKING UP...don't know what we will do at this i'm asking for prayers...thank you sweet angels...

big hugz


peggy gatto said...

sh*t. starting prayers right now.

artbeth67 said...


I'm so sorry to hear this! Hang in there, sweetie.

Love and hugs to you all.

vivian said...

oh dear! that s not a good thing is it. what had your husband been doing for a living? Mine has not worked since december when he got sick. He has to have surgery again in two weeks, then hopefully by the end of June he will be ready to find himself a new job.. I feel for you.. and I will add your husband finding a job to my prayer that mine will find a job!!

Maija said...

That's a sucky way to start the holiday weekend! I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Luftslottet said...

What a frustration!
That was really not good, and after 12 years...they should have a kick in the butt!! I hope thing`s works out pretty soon for you:) Hang on, I`ll tell the "Mr.up there":)
Love from Nina

Stephanie said...

Hello ~ I just found your blog from Rachael's party link. I'm so sorry to hear your husband's news. I will pray that he finds work very soon!

You have a lovely blog. I will add you to my favs & be back often to visit!

Angelic Accents said...

Oh, no, Barb! I am sorry to hear it. I hope things work out for you as well as they did for us last fall when my husband's company sold the part of the company he ran and he had to find something new. It is certainly unsettling and scary, but sometimes you end up much better off. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.

Kelly Snelling said...

i'm still praying!

Carol Stocker said...

Darling Barb...I am sorry to hear about David's job...I know it's scary cuz I've been there myself but prayers and friends do help. I'm sending you love, friendship and prayers for strength and courage. Hugs, Carol xoxo

The Rose Room said...

Oh Barb, what a crap day. First you have Harold boarding for a bit longer and then your hubby. I am soooooo sorry. Lots of special thoughts your way:) Rachaelxo

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