Friday, May 16, 2008

it's coming...i't's coming!!!

MY BLOGGERVERSARY!!! WILL BE ONE YEAR ON THE 25TH!!!! (cue confetti and horns!!!) Will be having a give away of bloggerversary proportions! Leave a comment from this post til then and i'll be putting the commentees into a hat and letting one of my babes pull a name! feel free to comment each post to get a better chance! Going to be lots of goodies for this one! You don't want to miss it!!! The prize will be drawn for at 7:13 am (CST) (the precise time i began on this odyssey) on Sunday May 25! Off to rummage today...yesterday the streets were FULL of sweet treasures! But i actually received an "invite" to a rummage today! all antiques and vintage treasures! My hubby couldn't believe people were emailing me to come to their rummage!!!! lol...i just told him it cuts out the hee...

remember to comment and come back each day from now til the 25th for your chance at goodies!



Steph said...

wow! a whole year! how cool!

craftyhala said...

Blogging is great isn't it?

Scrappy Jessi said...

Congrats sweetie!!

Dragonlady said...

Will be checking back to see what your surgeon says about "Harold"..

Kelly Snelling said...

birthdays and blogaversaries! may is rocking!

theresa martin said...


Angie Hall Haviland said...

Bloggerversary....Blogalicious, Baby!! CONGRATS!!!

Good Luck....hope you find lots on your treasure hunt!! :O)

New pictures of the Grand "babies" (belowe) are WONDERFUL!!

peggy gatto said...

Happy blogday!

Debby said...

Happy blogaversary!! that word. Congrats sweetie, always fun to visit your blog.

Anonymous said...

Pick me Barb! I am your biggest fan! Man today is my bday so ya have to pick me! I saw the vedio of you and you sure look like a youngin! Sanna

carylsrealm said...

Happy blogerversery Barb!

Sarah said...

Congratulations on a whole year blogging!!!!

Hugs Sarah xxx

sandee said...

It's amazing that we have so much to say!!! Now I have to go look to see how long I've been in Bloggersville!!!

misspvc said...

Wow...has it been a year!!! how time flies!!! congratulations dear one and wishes for many happy returns of this day!!! huge hugs
Patti V

Tally O said...

congrats on a full year of blogging! I just like saying lavender lollipop, lavender lollipop lavender lollipop rolls off my tongue so well!

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